Shapeshifter Day 16 - Catch the Rainbow

Oct 28, 2019

What am I making real that's not?

This is one of my favorite questions, which I've been asking myself for years.

It started with an awareness that most of my life dramas were literally frothed up by nothing more than my very own choice of focus...

which then eventually expanded into the understanding that what I perceived to be life itself, is nothing more than a figment of my imagination.

These days, this question has the power to instantly snap me into the lucid remembrance that I am indeed the dreamer of the dream, of which there are infinite emanations... none more real than the next.

What am I making real that's not?

This question has the power to remind me that I am a divine story teller, weaving epic cosmic tales which have been told for eons.

The stories I tell - truly no more serious or real than a drama that rivets theatre goers or a movie that enthrals cinema lovers.

The emanations of the dream;
Shifting with the slightest
of eternal breezes.

I remember one time in Honolulu, my daughter and I stepped outside to see the most massive, brilliant rainbow in the sky... which appeared to end in the middle of the road right up ahead.

We decided we'd run towards it and to see if we could reach the end, where the rainbow met the concrete.

As we ran towards it, the end of the rainbow just seemed to move farther and farther up the road. No matter what distance we ran, we just could not reach the end of that rainbow, and then eventually it just faded away into the nothingness from which it sprang.

Of course the rainbow could not be captured, because there is no actual substance to it.

It's nothing more than a fleeting mirage in the sky.

The dream we call life,
is like that rainbow.

An emanation which will never be real, only experienced as such.

You cannot contain it and it can never be captured.

To remember this is to call upon your ability to witness the beauty of the dream in all it's glorious vibrancy, without making the mistake of thinking it's anymore substantial than the dreams you dream at night, or the rainbow in the sky.

To know it for what it truly is, is to liberate yourself from emotional attachment to it, and from the idea that you can ever get something from it.

To stop making real what’s not, is to relax into the experience of the dream, and to enjoy the brilliant and ever shifting show before you.

What am I making real that’s not?
I still ask myself this question most everyday, and it truly sets me free.

Make this inquiry a mainstay in your daily thoughts and just see how your awareness transforms… I dare you 😉

~ Chandra Nicole