Shapeshifter Day 15 - Integrity

Oct 27, 2019

I just got home from an amazing, fulfilling and long ass day of scooting and beaching and exploring all over this island, and I swear to god a bed has never felt better than this bed feels right now.

What I'd really like to do in this very moment, is close my eyes and drift off to sleep.

I most definitely don't feel like writing...

however, I decided on my birthday two weeks ago that this was the year I step fully into the next evolution of me and one of the aspects of the next evolution of me is that I write, I write daily, and I write daily to share.

This is important to me for many deep and meaningful reasons, that I won't get into here tonight as it's not vital to the message that wants to come through right now...

but just know that writing every day and more specifically, writing something to share every day, is pertinent to the next character I'm choosing to play.

A big part of Shapeshifting into a new evolution of Self, or what I like to call a new 'Dream Character' involves asking yourself, who do I want to become next?

This includes questions like what does my new dream character believe? What does she think? How does she feel? What's her emotional climate? Who does she surround herself with? How does she act? What does she value? What does she prioritize? etc. etc.

This is the deep inquiry I personally do every day in my journal.

It's the groundwork that makes embodiment far easier...
which is where the rubber truly meets the road.

This is where old patterns get deactivated and new habits get created.

Embodiment is when knowledge is implemented and becomes experiential. It's what happens when you do the preparation of deciding who you want to be and then you BE it.

Not just talk about being it.
Not just make empty promises to yourself to be it.

But actually choose it over and over again, until it becomes your new automatic way of being.

This is where you practice self awareness and notice when you're entertaining an old character belief, thought, feeling or action and instead, choose what your new character would choose.

It's devoting yourself to identifying with your new chosen character as if you were a method actor with a ten million dollars payout on the line.

When your desires, your intentions, your thoughts, your feelings, your words, and your actions are all in agreement with one another - you are in integrity with yourself.

It became extra clear to me recently that to be in integrity with myself is pretty much the best fucking feeling known to man - well, at least known to this (wo)man. Lol

That in and of itself is enough reason enough for me to aim for integrity... cuz I'm in it for feeeel goods.

But then throw in the fact that pure magic happens when all dimensions of creation are in alignment with each other, and well fuck... now it's a no brainer.

So, all this to say -
I'm writing this post right now, because that's what the next evolution of me would do, and I'm interested in dreaming her awake right here, right now.

I could have said to myself, ehh what could it hurt to skip one day and then just went to bed instead of writing this post...

that's what the old me would have most likely done, and in the moment I chose her I would have solidified that old identity even more, and the new me would have remained slumbering.

Which would have been a travesty, because prolific writer me has some really profound shit to say 😉

Tonight the new me has been rooted more deeply in my body and being, based on a small, in-the-moment decision I made.

Maybe it doesn't seem like a big deal, but as someone I love dearly says, "small hinges, swing big doors"

... and tonight I know that a big door has swung wide open with this little game changing hinge.

And so now, I will close my eyes feeling in alignment with my desires, and 1000% in integrity with myself -- which is a really really good fucking feeling.

~ Chandra Nicole

If you've decided that you're ready to Shapeshift boldly into the next evolution of you, and know intuitively that having me in your back pocket would be of great service and support to you on your journey... PM me and let's chat.