Shapeshifter Day 14 - The Lair

Oct 26, 2019

Today was a day spent holed up in “The Lair”

The Lair is any space I can carve out for my own, make dark and cool, light candles, burn incense, diffuse essential oils, and drink coffee…

presently speaking,
it’s my hotel room here in Bali.

I’m called to this sort of temple-like cocoon frequently, in fact the amount of time I spend alone in the Lair could be considered copious, by many’s standards.

I often say that I require it, but I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate.
I think I just truly desire & enjoy it.

You could call me an introvert, but I like to think of myself as more of a creative genius 😂

There's truly not much I love more than basking in my own is-ness, traversing my inner landscapes, asking probing questions of my Self, connecting with my Source, and conceptualizing entire worlds from my curiosities.

If I were to paint a charicature of myself, it might look some sort of sexy mad scientist that regularly locks herself in her laboratory for hours on end, popping out for food occasionally with frazzled hair and a wild look in her eyes. LOL

In the lair you might find me sitting in meditation, coloring, singing, stretching, exploring ancient and not-so-ancient texts, plucking cosmic messages out of screenplays, etc…

But the most frequent activity of the Lair Is writing,
which I can literally do for hours and hours.

When my fingers meet the keys, I slip through a portal into a space where everything just makes sense in a way that it didn’t before.

It’s where I go to process the majority of my human experience.

It’s where I go to ask questions and receive answers.

It's where I go to put my perspectives, thoughts and emotions under the microscope of self awareness
It's where I go to poke holes in my own paradigms

It’s where I go to craft new rules from which to play this cosmic game

It's where I go to decide who I want to be next and what that's going to look like.

It's where I go to practice and train for the new realities I'm stepping into.

Its where I go to get clear on my intentions and desires.

It's where I go to download the energetic coding for what I want to embody next.

It's where I go to pour out active appreciation and praise of myself, my people, and my life.

It's where I go to cast incantations and imaginations into the ethers.

It's where I go to unite my human will with my highest divine will.

It's where I go to channel messages to share with you

And most importantly,
It's where I go to get lucid and call upon my remembrance that this is indeed all a dream.

I establish my energetics through my written words, and then I’m readied to take what I'm intentionally being out in the world of form...

but I find that most every thing I'm truly looking for is found in this time spent with myself, which then gets amplified in the reflection of the dreamscape of my life.

And so, this is really where I enjoy spending a bulk of my time which I can do, because I’ve designed my life around what I most love and the ways I most love to be.

It didn't always used to be this way.

There was a time when I felt I had to do things and go places that I didn’t really want to, and so didn’t really feel like my time, my energy, my focus was fully mine.

I was living my life largely from the outside-in.

However, there came a point where I realized that if I truly wanted to create lasting change in my life I had to be willing to flip my focus from outside-in, to largely inside-out.

This is a fundamental paradigm shift from reaction based living, to creation based living which I most definitely did not make overnight, and still am fine tuning to this day.

Slowly but surely over the years, I’ve been identifying and breaking all the contracts and commitments I’d secretly made to sourcing and creating myself through my outer world, and I’ve been replacing them with new commitments to sourcing and creating through my inner world.

As I've done so, I’ve become more self-aware, more willing to honor me, and more steeped in the deep knowing that all I see before me is truly a mirage in the desert that can only and ever be an effect of the cause, which is me.

And so, I spend significant amount of my time communing at the cause, of the effect that is my life.

This practice I’ve prioritized helps me stay lucid, aware, clear, present, and appreciative as I physically move through my dreamscape…and it’s how I intentionally Shapeshift my world, from the inside-out.

This is what I help my clients do too, in their own authentic ways.

Our mentoring container becomes a powerful extension of that practice and a potent reminder of where your true power lies.

If you’re deeply self-aware and at a stage in your creative journey where it feels paramount to prioritize lucidity in your dream of life, then you are my people.

If you have a massive vision in your heart to dream awake, and you know the only way that will ever happen sustainably is to develop and devote yourself to practices which help you direct creative focus at the cause, instead of the effect… then you are my people.

If you desire to dream awake nothing less than your fairy tale of influence and stardom and empires and romance… then you are my people.

If you understand deeply the value of long term mentorship and know that you deserve only the Gold Standard of Support Systems… then you are my people.

If you know deep in your heart that you’re a rising star and I’m the mentor for you, then reach out and let's chat because you are my people 😉❤️

~ Chandra Nicole