Shapeshifter Day 12 - When Faith Really Counts

Oct 23, 2019

Today’s shapeshifter post comes not from me, but from my brilliant tandem soul ❤️

What she talks about in this piece of writing is, if you ask me, one of the most challenging aspects of Shapeshifting into the next evolution of yourself.

Devotion to mastery of what she’s pointing to, is paramount to dreaming awake the life experience you truly desire.

Read her words, feel her heart, get inspired, and then reach out to her if your intuition nudges you that way... because she’s currently taking clients and I can assure you that her spots will fill up quickly.

To be in the presence of McKenzie is to be loved, it’s to be honored and it’s to seen like never before.

Just to be in her energy is to have your paradigms of unworthiness melt away, and it’s to have your life radically altered.

I’ve watched this girl for years and I’ve seen it happen more times than I could possibly count, where the people are drawn to her like moths to a flame, and then changed forever more by the gift that she is... it’s astonishing, it’s miraculous, It’s divine.

~ Chandra Nicole


“Getting your fucking faith behind something is sometimes terrifying.

Its debilitating to look yourself in the eye, and despite everything you believe to be possible, everything you believe yourself to be capable of - choose to have faith in something beyond what you can see.

It is absolutely heart wrenching sometimes. Especially when it comes down to the last defining moments. When your world appears to be crashing down. When you feel like you could fall apart any second. When your greatest fears look to be realizing themselves directly in front of, inside of and around you.

It feels impossible.
And yet - that’s when it really matters.
That’s when your faith really counts for something.
When you decide that it doesn’t matter how your external world looks, what you’ve proven yourself to be true time and time again, warn-in stories of how it gets to be - that you are enough for what you are putting your faith in.

That you’ve done enough. That you’ve gotten behind yourself enough. That you’ve practiced enough faith. And that you get to have what you decide you get to have.

It’s not about tricking the system. It’s not about waiting for enough momentum to build. It’s not about convincing the universe to throw you a bone just this once.

It’s about deciding that who you are, and what you are, right fucking now, is enough. Enough for you. And enough for God.

*that* is what faith is. And *that* is what truly calls forth all that you desire to be.

This is something i am practicing right now, and hopefully forever more. Getting behind myself when all i want to do is shrink. Asking for guidance in seeing things differently when all i want to do is what’s comfortable and familiar. Practicing faith when everything in me is screaming about how unfathomable what i’m asking for is.

Im not perfect - but im guided. Im led. Im shown the way. And im getting faster and better at this process with each passing day.

I know what it feels like to be so fucking fed up with your own bullshit. I know what it feels like to have created yourself into the same shitty circumstance a million times over, and then some. I know how productive being annoyed with yourself, and honestly, fucking angry, can be. And i know what it feels like to rise up, to choose something new, to have faith when that’s the most impractical thing you can have.

I want to support you in this process, in the same way i’m supporting myself. By sharing perspectives, by being a safe sounding board, by encouraging self compassion, by reminding you of who the fuck you are and what is possible for you in your most deflated moments.

I’ve been lucky enough to have people and resources in my life to play this role for me throughout my life, and i want to have the opportunity to be this for you, in the same way. If this is something you feel called to, and you are ready to become more than you’ve allowed for yourself thus far, please send me a message and we can talk about working 1:1 together.”

McKenzie Victoria