Shapeshifter Day 11 - The Happy Dream

Oct 23, 2019

What you resist, you keep. 
What you embrace, you transcend.

For a long time I’ve been talking and teaching about this concept and here’s why:
It’s what I most need to remember. Lol

And, because it’s the key to dreaming a happy dream of life, contrary to the belief of the fragmented human.

The fragmented version of the human mind is a twisty, labyrinth of a place. It has a tendency to want to focus on shit you don’t like, then convince you that you need something different - frothing up all sorts of resistance in the process, and thennnn…

it can even do this thing where you get yourself out of the situation you didn’t want and then it will get you romanticizing about how good the thing you once had was.

This is how the human maintains it’s status quo of separation, dissatisfaction, and addiction.

Not to mention the fact that it keeps you at arms length from the truth that you are not just merely a human, but a wHoly Human who just so happens to be a divine magician of space and time, completely reSourced always in all-ways.

The separated mind would have you believe that you always need to be someplace different than you are.

The separated mind would have you believe that your happiness lies in some future event or acquisition.

The separated mind would have you believe that what you are and what you have is never ever enough.

This is the human condition, and its literal insanity.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to tolerate shit you’ve outgrown, quite the opposite actually…

it just simply means that in order to actually create something new in your life you must love the fuck out of everything that has transpired, embrace exactly where you are, radically accept all the ways you as well as others have shown up, and celebrate all the characters you’ve played.

This is the most oft overlooked aspect of Shapeshifting… and when skipped will have you moving from scenario to scenario, experiencing very familiar circumstances, but in different places with different faces.

Ever notice that?
It’s called a pattern.

…and the only way to end a pattern is to unconditionally love it back to it’s Source, which is the native nothingness from which we all spring.

In order to become the wHoly Human you came here to be, and access all the powers of the Divine Dreamer, with which you are one… you must assume the Divine Attitude. This is an all-pervasive, never-ending Part One of the Shapeshifting Process.

Part Two, which is also never-ending and all-pervasive, is what I once heard someone refer to as the Law of Insane Assumption, whereby you become so crystal clear and certain in your intention that you straight up see the truth in advance and prophecy your future into the now moment.

This second part, literally does not work if you are in resistance to your life and your self.

That’s why visualization and affirmation alone, do not work consistently or sustainably.

To love the lovable is easy.
To love the unlovable is pure mastery, and also where all of the fuel for your Shapeshifting lives.

Make it your mission to find the gift in all that is.
Devote yourself to celebrating the fuck out of every single dream character you, or anyone else, has ever played…

And you will become the most magical fucker, you ever knew.

True Story.

~ Chandra Nicole

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