Shapeshifter Day 10 - Letting go

Oct 22, 2019

Part of our inability to Shapeshift with ease arises from an incessant need to grasp onto previous identities and their associated manifestations.

You can’t hold onto things in their current form and become something new at the same time…

yet the human freaks in the face of the unknown and so often we resist our own evolution and end up in a life that fits like a pair of pants we outgrew three grades ago in elementary school.

Funnily enough, that’s not much more comfortable than just simply embracing the discomfort of change.

If ever I find myself wrestling with this understanding I always come back to the lessons of transformation as taught by the butterfly.

Did you know that when a caterpillar becomes encased in its chrysalis, it’s not in that dark womb just simply sprouting wings on it’s existing body…

it’s actually deconstructing itself into a primordial goo and from that primordial goo, it reassembles itself into an entirely new form.

The caterpillar has to actually surrender its current identity as the caterpillar and become nothing for a moment, in order to realize it’s destiny as a butterfly.

If you didn’t know any better you could even peek into that chrysalis mid-process and conclude that the caterpillar had indeed died, when really what was transpiring was a brand new beginning.

The butterfly teaches us that we must surrender our old selves entirely and dive wildly into the depths of the unknown for a mere moment if ever we wish to shapeshift into what we were born to be.

To be a self-aware, emotionally mature wHoly Human in the midst of transformation is to hold the ability to witness the very real urge to grasp onto an old self that feels comfortable, safe and familiar...

and then choose to rise above that urge and make different choices from a more expanded plane of consciousness, than the one that created the old self in the first place.

If you can relate to this resistance to letting go, just know that I bring this subject to light, as all subjects I talk about pertaining to shapeshifting, because it’s what I’m currently experiencing and mastering further in this moment as well.

This expansion of you is a never-ending process, as you will continually be called to more and more aspects of your infinite self.

The good news is that the more you do it, and the more of your human addictions and co-dependencies you transcend, the easier it gets…

and before you know it, you have become an alchemist and a master of change.

The other good news is that fostering your faith in the unknown is faaaaaar less painful than clinging to the past, so although your human will beg to differ, to allow yourself to evolve is far easier than trying to remain the same.

Change is your natural inclination.

The desire to evolve into ever-varying versions of yourself is divinely driven.

You are programmed at the soul level to know yourself first and foremost as the primordial goo…

AND THEN as the ever-changing emanations that emerge.

You are meant to be magic.
You are designed to shapeshift.
You are supernatural at your core.

It’s this stubborn idea that you’re mostly human and the grasping onto all of the rigid human ideals, that cause your experience of pain and discomfort and suffering.

If you’d just simply allow yourself to let go of who you think you are and get comfy in the unknown… you will quickly discover that when you surrender, instead of losing something, you actually gain access to EVERYTHING.

Be a rock in your faith, but let flow the circumstantial waters of your life.

You can never be lost, you cannot die, and you can only ever be reborn into different emanations of self.

The more you master letting go and diving into the depths of the unknown, the more of a Divine Magician you’ll become.


~ Chandra Nicole


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the picture of this rock formation and teal waters was taken at Padang-Padang Beach, here in Bali ❤️ Nature is always showing us the way...