One Million Dollars a Month

Jun 03, 2018

“One Million Dollars a Month”

These are the words that have been popping into my head & heart a lot recently.

I used to try to fabricate my desires based on ideas from my past; I would then focus on acquiring what I thought I WANTED. It worked out okay, but in hindsight kept me quite limited in contrast to the infinite possibilities available to me.

These days I focus on maintaining my desired state of BEING with the intention to live my grandest life possible, and I allow the universe to fabricate and present to me the perfect desires; in a flash of a vision or a clear message deposited directly into my brain.

I find myself surprised and delighted by the new possibilities I’m inspired to. 
They’re always ‘next level’ ideas that I probably wouldn’t have imagined my way into…

such as: 
generating a million dollars a month

The distinct difference between fabricating my own desires vs. allowing them to be delivered to me is:

when I fabricate them myself they continue to feel like desires... 
when they’re delivered to me, they feel less like desires and more like DONE DEALS.

That’s how I ended up in the arms of my perfect lover…

When I was single I focused ONLY on generating my desired love affair feelings, sans love affair.

I had ZERO need for a romance, and in fact, didn’t think I would be in a relationship again for a loooong time. And then one day, after following an impulse to message a man I’d never talked to before, I started receiving fully formed visions of my life with him; of him proposing to me… and I KNEW he was the man I would spend my life with.

It didn’t matter that he said he wasn’t emotionally available…

I just focused on what I knew to be true in my heart and soul. 
I didn’t need it to happen, because I knew it was already done. 
I was steadfast in my vision. 
I looked for evidence which supported what I knew to be true and disregarded anything else. 
I felt infinitely patient 
I was willing to take whatever inspired actions I was led to…

I didn’t need to know how or when it would all work out, because I KNEW that it would work out. AND IT DID!

This is exactly how I feel about the million dollars a month. 
I know that it is done.

My only job is to focus on the wealth that I AM, know this as my truth and…


For example:

I could focus on the current reality of my bank account and be like, 
“there’s no where NEAR a million dollars a month flowing into my account… this is NOT happening”


I could focus on the fact that during a delicious Mexican meal in the mountains last weekend, Aaron says to me (knowing nothing about this million dollar a month vision of mine),

“Baby, you’re a million-dollar-a-month gold mine”

Which piece of “evidence” do you think I choose to focus on? 😉

Here’s the thing that’s REALLY important to know…

You have the choice in every moment to seek out evidence in favor of what you’re looking to call forth in your life… or you can gather evidence that it’s “not happening” or “not available for you”

It’s the proverbial glass half empty to half full perspective. 
I promise, you will ALWAYS find what you’re looking for.

To create powerfully in your life you need steadfast vision, you need to have the balls to believe in something you may not have a ton of physical proof for yet, you gotta be willing to see what’s coming before anyone else does.

Whether you generate your desires consciously, or allow them to be delivered to you…

what I’m sharing with you are THE SECRETS to powerful manifestation.

1. Prioritize generating your desired state of BEING (emotional atmosphere) above all else, regardless of your circumstances

2. Be steadfast in your vision & know it to be a DONE DEAL

3. Look for evidence of it’s truth - disregard anything else

4. Dispell need, and call upon infinite patience

5. Release the ‘hows’… but be willing to take WHATEVER actions you’re inspired to, even if it freaks you the fuck out

This is simple in theory, but as I’m sure you know… there’s vibrational complexities within each of these “steps” as you are a dynamic energetic human being.

Devote yourself to mastering the nuances within each of these, and you will become the master of your universe.

💫 Chandra Nicole

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