Obligations, Shoulds & Supposed-Tos

Feb 08, 2021

How much of your life is built upon obligations, shoulds, and supposed-tos?

How much of your precious energy, focus, attention, time, and money even, are invested into things you think you have to do to be a good person, do the right thing, or be responsible?

I can tell you I did this in my early 20’s - I created a life based around what I thought a good mother does, and I woke up in my mid-20’s wondering “who the fucks life is this, because it’s certainly is not mine” lol

Do you know the feeling?

It's so common of an experience, there’s even a term for it - Midlife or quarter-life crisis.

You can manifest a very fabulous looking life on these premises, and still, deep dissatisfaction is the only inevitable outcome of traveling a path based on other people’s ideas of ‘what is a good, responsible, noteworthy existence’.

Deep down you know what your heart truly desires, and the truth is it probably doesn’t look like what anyone else is doing; it most likely defies all the “rules” you learned about what is appropriate & acceptable, it may even brush up against societal standards.

That’s why it’s scary AF to unhook from these paradigms and choose something new and more authentic for yourself - that’s why most people won’t do it.

However, until you start honoring your desires, begin boldly laying down some serious boundaries and make new choices on how to invest your energy, focus, attention, time & money...

you’re going to continue to feel lackluster and uninspired by your life.

This is something I help my clients with a lot - because until you take inventory and identify the places in your life that you’re functioning out of obligation or conditioning of some sort, your creative power will be wrapped up in perpetuating a life and business that is truly ‘not yours’

Your true heart’s desires are there for a reason, and I can guarantee that’s it’s in the best interest of everyone involved, for you to honor them - even if it’s not obvious at the time.

I also know for certain that this very audacious path is much easier to travel with deep support.

If you’re ready to create a truly authentic life in every way; I have a few spots available for some very special VIP clients.


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