No Limits. Just Love.

Jan 01, 2021

It's the first morning of the New Years here in Bali, and as I sit here reflecting upon the fresh energy of 2021, one thing is clearer than day to me;

I can have anything I want.
You can have anything you want.
We call all have anything we want.

I say this not because the past year was the easiest year for me (or for any of us), in fact, it was really fucking challenging in a whole lot of ways... but it is precisely these challenges that enabled me to now understand so clearly what is available to us all.

I am stronger now than I ever knew possible because I have been weak.
I am more fearless now than ever before because I have been afraid.
I am deeply wise now because I have been so damn foolish.

For the first time in my life, I love that I have been all these things... and because of that, I can see so clearly that love is the way.

... and, I understand more than ever what love actually is and is not.

Love is not an airy-fairy thing - it's fierce in its acceptance of all things (the light, the dark, the good, the bad) - and even fiercer in its choices about what it's having.

Love includes all things - and paradoxically carves out from them all what it desires most and does exactly what it takes to bring it to fruition.

Love is what we ultimately are.

We all have the power to create, realize, and experience anything we want in our lives. We are God Creators, it's what we came here to do.

We did not come here to fix.
We did not come here to heal.
We did not come here to save.
We did not come here to reject, react, or respond.

We each came here to create lives that we love (which inevitably adds up to a world that we love) from the pure unlimited potential of the creative universe with which we are one.

The message has been there the whole time.

It's taken me a long time to really understand what those words mean, and I am really excited for this year because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I now get to build my next level phenomenal life on the full wisdom I possess, as well as support others in doing the same.

I choose to do this because I love it.
Not because I have to.
Not because I have a responsibility to.
Not because I am obligated to.
Not because I feel like I'm supposed to help, heal, or fix anything... but simply for its own sake.

Simply because I love it.

When we do what we love for its own sake, when we love ourselves unconditionally for its own sake, when we love others for its own sake... that's when we become limitless. That's when we activate the god power that creates worlds.

Even in your most self-aware state when you act, think, or believe in a transactional way, when you "create" in reaction to what you observe, when you do anything as a means to some ends... you're not harnessing the miraculous, unlimited, generative power of love.

To attempt to create in this way is to attempt to create from half-wisdom. This is why your affirmations, your intentions, and your most sincere attempts at creating a life you love just simply do not produce the results you desire.

To function from "Just Love" is to garner your full wisdom, and thereby your full power; it gives you the ability to conjure forth anything your heart desires and innovate a life that is truly authentic to you.

Only this will ever fulfill you.
Only this will sustainably suffice
Only this will ever lead to your most phenomenal life - your unique version of happily ever after, and the world you know in your heart is possible.

I invite you to wipe the slate clean, and ask yourself:
If I had no reference points from the past to dictate what I believe is possible for me, and I already had everything I think I need - approval, money, safety, security - what would I love to create NOW?

Ask yourself this question and then dare to devote this next year to courageously go in the direction of your true heart's desires.

You only get to live this life once, so fuck it right? ;) 

Happily Ever After

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