Melt Your Limiting Beliefs Back Into Nothingness

Aug 12, 2018

I used to not want anyone to know what my limiting beliefs were... fuck, I didn’t even want to know what they were.


I’d been taught to focus on the positive and so rejected & stuffed away in the “closet” all I deemed negative.


I felt like if “we” really knew what I thought about myself, then it’d become more real in my life.


That’s back when I believed the thoughts in my head, and also didn’t understand the power of resistance to create more of exactly what I resisted.


These days though...


I’ve been literally rejoicing each time I discover a new secret story of limitation I’ve been telling all these years, and I share my discoveries with all the people closest to me; my business coach, my money coach, my boyfriend, my daughter, my clients (who are also my friends)


Because I understand something now, I didn’t understand back then...


Just because it’s a thought in my head or a belief I’ve been buying into, doesn’t make it the Truth.


And the more I resist the lies I’ve been harboring, the more real they become in my life (contrary to popular belief)


So now I can be with my old perspectives and see them for what they are:




By speaking them out loud as such, in a raw & vulnerable way, to those I honor the most - I create an exponential opportunity to bring those skeletons out of the shadows of my closet once and for all, and shine the light of day on them —


where they literally melt back into the native nothingness from which they sprang.


For it’s only the light of compassionate awareness, acceptance & gratitude that can alchemize a lie and invite in the truest of Truths: Limitless Love.


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💫 Chandra Nicole