Making Bold Choices That Stick

Aug 02, 2019

Unless you consciously & Powerfully choose something new for yourself, your default setting is to recreate the past on repeat.

The way that most of us make choices is in favor of that default setting. Based on memories of the past which you’re dragging into the present moment.

…. and even if you should happen to have a flash of insight and make a bold choice in alignment with a different future scenario, often what soon follows in a retraction on that decision.

This happens because you get a glimpse of your future self, 
you have the wherewithal to make a different choice from that glimpse into the future…

All the fears, doubts, beliefs, and limiting perspectives that created your current reality creep in and override your choice.

This is imagery from a reality that no longer exists, outside of your redundant reimagining of it.

This way of imagining is so not helpful for creating what you really want to experience in your life and ultimately affects your ability to make decisions in alignment with where you ultimately wish to go.

Something’s gotta give, yeah?

If this is something you struggle with, don’t feel bad about it… 
It’s a true hang-up in deliberate reality creation for MANY.

Luckily, there is a solution., 
And it is to learn a different process for making decisions.

It involves using the faculty of your imagination to conjure forth your future self, which you then use to get clear on what values and standards that ‘Self’ functions from.

You then squeeeeeeeze out the essence of those values and standards, and you embody that essence it in real-time.

This process allows you to bypass the limited memories and imaginations of the mind to easily, quickly, BOLDLY make choices from your future self-awareness that actually stick.

This is a process I’ve been mastering literally for my entire life, 
and honestly…. I’m really fucking good at it a majority of the time 😉

I get tons of questions on how to do this, but for a long time, I didn’t have the concise words to put with this process I’ve been mastering…


That’s why I’m feeling super hella excited about facilitating my brand new workshop called ‘BOLD CHOICE’.

This is a 10-day self-paced digital workshop that is designed help you carve out a laser-focused pathway that allows you to confidently & quickly make Bold Choices in alignment with where you're going, as opposed to where you've been.

I’m going to teach you all I know about how to make choices based on your future self, that actually stick.

Grab the Bold Choice workshop HERE