Make Your Wildest Dreams Your New Normal

May 25, 2017

Lately I’ve been allowing myself to want things that I never even thought to want before…

Such as reaching millions of people with my message & making multiple millions of dollars a year -- as well as pampering myself by getting my hair done several times a week in the salon, having first class travel experiences, and buying a closet full of high end designer pumps.
My previous wants and dreams were always very simple
at least they seem simple to me now because they’ve already become my reality.
That’s the funny thing about reality - what you’re dreaming of seems so out of reach until it’s not. And then it’s just normal.
If you’d have asked me ten years ago as I was enduring the arctic chill of a midwestern winter, scraping an inch of ice off my windshield, and then sliding all the way to the hair salon where I worked as a stylist
I would have told you that living in the tropics on an island, having total time freedom, working virtually, traveling frequently, and doing only what I loved, seemed like an impossible dreams.
I came from a place where no one did that.
I came from a family & community that - god bless them I love them so much - couldn’t really see past the status quo
I came from a place where I felt crazy for wanting more, for needing to understand the meaning of life and the how’s and the why’s
When I left in search of the answers I sought and the life I dreamed of,
I wondered if I’d actually ever be able to make it work
That was then.
Now.. I Sometimes I forget that I once didn’t have the life that I currently live,
because it’s just so normal.
Now, I have zero doubts in my mind that if I desire something it can and will be mine
Now, I’m dreaming bigger and bigger and bigger
Now, I’m allowing myself to want things I would have never dared to want before.
I know that eventually what I’m dreaming of now will become my new normal
And then I’ll give birth to even bigger dreams
What I desire to get across here in these words I’m sharing is this:
Whatever you dream of is not impossible
You can have it. You can create it. You can live it. It can become your new normal.


If you'd allow yourself to just have it,
even if you don't know how it's all gonne work out
I promise you that someday you’ll look back and be surprised that you ever didn’t live the life you now live.
You’ll find it curious that you ever thought it to be an impossible dream.


It will be your new normal.

And then you can dream of things you never even thought to dream of before.

This is the natural progression of expansion.
This is how it’s supposed to be.
You are not meant to be a stagnant creature.
You ARE a creator, and when you stop dreaming - when you stop creating -
You get sad. You get depressed. You get addicted.
Because the quality of your life depends on this!
You must take the first step.
You must dig up the old dreams that you’ve shelved.
Cuddle them, love them, apologize for abandoning them, for not believing they were real.
Muster up some courage
Find your tribe
Get a mentor
Search out the someone or someones that believe it’s possible for you, and then spend as much time with them as possible.
I don’t care what you gotta do,
Just fucking DO IT.
~ Chandra Nicole