Is Your Business Breathing Life Into You?

Jul 01, 2020

Doing your inspired work in the world should never make you feel exhausted, worn down, or depleted.

If it does, it's because you are using your physical senses to muscle your way through the confines of reality.

You are being a slave to space & time, as opposed to the creator and master of space & time (which is your true identity)

You can create your business by way of muscle and logic... many people do it this way, but it's not sustainable and will only ever yield you slow, progressive results


You can create your business by way of magic, which taps you into the infinite source of energy you truly are and has the power to call forth illogical outcomes not tethered to the common sense of the physical senses.

Use your limited physical senses to create your business, and you will wear yourself out physically.

Use your limitless divine facilitates, and you will not only breathe life into yourself but also into your business and everyone it touches.

Chandra Nicole