Inspiration is Simply a Choice

Jul 14, 2018

I've been looking a lot lately at the things I say I want in my life, and whether my ACTIONS are in alignment with that.


I used to buy into this idea that in order to be a truly powerful creator I shouldn't actually take action until I'm inspired to... because an inspired action is FAAAAAR greater than rote action. those spiritual peoples say.


Which I definitely don't NOT agree with, however, I've come to realize that in order to become a truly deliberate creator there's a balance that needs to be found between disciplined action & inspired action...


WHAT IF the two are not actually all so different from one another? What if disciplined action in the areas I say are important to me calls forth inspiration?


What if inspiration is simply a CHOICE as opposed to something that's randomly and inconsistently bestowed upon you?


I mean think about it... 
if I say I want to be a writer, but then don't consistently discipline myself to sit down to write, what message am I sending to the universe? Probably something like,


"I know I say I want to be a writer, but I'm not actually serious about it... so why don't you just go ahead and give the good ideas to someone else who'll actually bring them into the world"


The universe doesn't give you the information AND THEN you show up. That's not how it works.


and then the universe responds.


You are in a co-creative dance with the universe, and you are the leader of your Free World.

When you move, the universe moves with you.


....and so, 
if you say you're a writer, YOU WRITE.
if you say you're a painter, YOU PAINT. 
if you say you're a dancer, YOU DANCE. 
if you say you're a speaker, YOU SPEAK.
if you say you're a runner, YOU RUN.


and sometimes, especially in the beginning, 
you may have to discipline yourself to do the do until you get into the habit and the flow of doing it automagically.


You do it even when you don't FEEL like it because it's motherfucking important to you!


Being a total freedom junkie, I used to think that discipline subtracted from my freedom... but what I've come to understand is that discipline in honor of what's most important to me and in alignment with life I actually desire, creates more freedom and flow and also tells the universe, this is what I'm about! Give me all the good shit, over here! Lol


For instance, today... 
I sat down to my keyboard really not having a clue what I wanted to talk about. At first, it was slow going, I was having trouble finding my words, my rhythm, my inspiration... yet here I am now typing frantically to get thoughts out as fast as they're flowing to me.


And it's simply because I SHOWED UP.


I showed up 
the inspiration came.


So, the moral if this little story is to DECIDE what's really fucking important to you and then show the fuck up day in and day out, on repeat. Set up whatever you need to set up in order to make that happen.


I personally am most reliable when I set accountability situations for myself, such as recently.


I've been saying that I want to GIVE MORE FASTER. 
(I'm sure if you've been following along with me you've quite possibly heard me say this.)


Well the way that I primarily give, first and foremost before any private mentoring I do, is SHARE MY MESSAGE.


I'm a messenger. 
and If I say I'm a messenger, I better fucking deliver my message! I most like to do this through writing and livestreaming.


I'd noticed that I wasn't really showing up every day in alignment with what I was saying I wanted, and so I created some accountability for myself for a short while to get myself into the habit and flow of writing and livestreaming DAILY.


I challenged one of my clients to do a livestream every single day for the next seven weeks and for each day we don't do it we must venmo the other 20 bucks.


I also brought on my very first assistant to distribute my content and writing all over the internet for me every single day... if I have someone waiting on me to do their job, well then I better fucking write some shit every day for her to do what she's hired to do!


Often, I have no idea what the details of a program will consist of until after I launch it and start accepting payments... but the actual showing up and saying "we're doing this" and then enrolling people creates me into an accountability situation where I HAVE to get inspired with the details.

Make it so that there's literally NO OTHER OPTION than to get inspired in the areas you say you most want to be inspired in, by disciplining yourself to simply SHOW THE FUCK UP.


💫Chandra Nicole