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Freedom Supreme

Jan 13, 2022

Every time I try to define myself, I end up violently thrashing around inside the boxes I’ve built around me

All the well-intending mentors telling me to decide who I am, and then boldly BE it…

which I’ve done in many iterations, but it only ever lasts for a short while; every decision I ever make about “who I am” only ends up feeling like a liability and a severe limitation

I sometimes wonder, in my deepest moments of dissatisfaction, if I’m destined for a lifetime of flopping about like a fish out of water

In my more lucid moments, however, it’s clear to me that this world of boxes is not, and never was, my home. I was never meant to fit in or define myself within these fragmented lands.

I was born of, and made for the mystical & miraculous and no box, no matter how big, or how progressive, will ever feel correct for me. 

Freedom for me only comes from un-defining myself within the context of this world and identifying with something far beyond definition

This is terrifying as there are no walls with which to stabilize oneself on choppy waters, nor is there even a solid deck to stand on…

There’s only the changeless, unwavering horizon of eternity in which to find my balance;

An infinite line beyond space and time,
beyond all ships sailing on open seas,
beyond all illusions of limits, and identities, and form

Visions of never-ending shapeshifters;
that never shifted at all

This is freedom supreme,
and only this, will ever suffice

Chandra Nicole

what you think you are is a belief to be undone - ACIM 


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