Four Freedoms of True Wealth

Jul 08, 2020

The way I see it, true cosmic wealth is a holistic & harmonious symbiosis of four fundamental freedoms.


an abundance of time to devote to meaningful work, fulfilling relationships, passions & play.

The way we go about this in our mentoring work together is by streamlining the fuck out of your life, and then deconstructing & reconstructing time completely; rendering you the master of it.


more than enough freely flowing financial resources to support your desired lifestyle, and contribute abundantly to your empire

The way we do this in our mentoring work together is by calling upon the transcendent operating laws of money, which are most likely, unlike anything you've probably ever been taught.

We then activate your financial sovereignty and your ability to create cash flow to you through the channels that are most meaningful to you.


Inner peace, pleasure & pervasive joy, no matter what your circumstances. I teach an orgasmic way of living that I like to refer to as, becoming Unfuckwithable.

The way we do this in our mentoring work together is by reconciling all the aspects of you, eradicating shame completely, practicing radical Self-approval, and getting your emotional needs sourced directly by you.


the ability to express yourself freely and authentically, without modifying your true voice for any reason what-so-ever. This is paramount to your ability to create a life & business that is wholly satisfying, fulfilling, and generative.

The way we do this in our mentoring work together is by implementing the freedoms outlined above, and then by acknowledging, elevating, and honoring in thought, words & action, the deepest desires of your heart.

I'm kind of obsessed with helping my clients integrate these four freedoms into every aspect of their life and dream awake thriving enterprises founded in true wealth 

What I teach and facilitate is a lightening quick left-handed path to not only enlightenment but to fruitful enterprise and worldly treasures of all sorts. 

It’s an opening into a deep richness that most humans never know, which permeates all the layers and facets of your life. 

Chandra Nicole