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Dec 22, 2022


My content creation journey began in the form of a food blog at the age of 31 (which, at the time of writing this, was 13 years ago). 

I had just joined social media a year before that and only because my much younger boyfriend was urging me to do so (he was doing his best to get me up to speed with the youths) 

I had an aol email address I never used, my cell phone did not have wifi access (was that even a thing?) and all I knew how to do on Facebook was post a profile picture and play FarmVille. 

It could have only been through a miracle that I caught wind of the blogging world, but somehow I did

… and even though I’d only just discovered I had a knack for writing I thought to myself… “I could do that!”

And so I did. 

First I clunkily figured out how to create a blog, and then I named it The Earthfood Experiment; with the tagline ‘Food for the body. Food for the mind. Food for the soul.’

It started as the place where I shared what was happening in my kitchen (I’m a self-taught cook, and a self-proclaimed food-eating specialist) At the time, I was actively experimenting with ingredients that were different than what I was brought up on in the midwest.

I was finding myself happier in the mind when I filled my belly with foods that grew from the earth, and I made many marvelous discoveries like kale! and chickpeas! (It’s funny to even think about this now because these days all it takes is one scroll of the Instagram to accidentally trip over a dozen vegan bloggers serving up a cornucopia of kale & chickpeas)

It didn’t take me long though to remember that I didn’t always feel like cooking. Some weeks I preferred to eat out every single day, or look through stacks of cookbooks but not actually make anything, or spend hours sitting in coffee shops around town pondering life, or get lost in a book for days, or start to train for a marathon, or hang out with my friends and drink wine…

And so, what started as a food blog quickly morphed into more of a lifestyle blog. 

In addition to your typical lifestyle blog topics, I found myself sharing things that looked suspiciously like the messages of a life coach. 

The truth is, I’d known ever since I’d gotten the divorce and left what I called “the white picket fence life”, that I was going to help people create lives that felt authentic to them… but it wasn’t until I learned that Oprah had a life coach (right around the same time I started my blog) that I even knew what a life coach was, or that it was a legitimate career path. 

I was too scared to lead with my life coaching ambition, so instead, I just backdoored it into my “food” blog

It was only a matter of a couple of short years before I walked away from the Earthfood Experiment, to build a new community & business centered entirely around my life coaching 

…but I’ve always held a tender place in my heart for lifestyle blogging 

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve thought about starting a new blog over the years but for some reason, it just wasn’t the time, or I couldn’t make sense of it, or something.

That’s neither here nor there though because here I am…

starting a lifestyle blog with full knowledge that it’s the right time, and with total clarity on how it fits into both my business and my creative life.

What’s ironic is that I’ve circled back around to the concept of backdooring in my life coach-y messages, however this time it’s not because I’m scared to share them, but because I’ve come to understand they naturally emerge in the most authentic way when I’m simply sharing about my life. 

Not to mention the fact that the central focus of my life coaching is on living an artful life according to our own definitions, so duh.      *palm to forehead* 

In preparation for this blog, I popped over to the old one to have a look around and found a list I’d written about the things that make me happy. 

To be honest, I was surprised because I feel like a completely different person than the girl who wrote that list, and yet, all these years later I still love much of what she loved.

Turns out that even when everything changes, nothing changes at all.

I’ll leave you with the list down below, as it might help you to know me a bit better and, give you a few hints of things I might talk about here. 

I hope as time goes on, I’ll get the chance to know you too. 

Truth, Love & Magic, 
Chandra Nicole 



This is what happiness is for me: 

Laughing so hard I cry. Lattes with my boyfriend. A freshly rearranged living room. My kitty (who just winked at me) 

The smell of spring. Watching M dance. Farmer’s markets. Waves on the shore. High-heeled shoes. Bike rides. Bonfires 

Cooking stuff! Sushi. Post-workout showers. The Earthfood Experiment. Giving. Sunshine. Inspiring others 

Hanging out in coffee shops. Bookstores for hours. Anything made with tortillas. My family (more specifically my best cousin Angela… she made me say that, but I do love her!) 

Reading a good book. Exploring. Trying new things. Travel. Red wine. Summer produce. Sex & the City. Freshly cut flowers. Chit-chat. Live jazz. Entertaining 

What makes you happy? 


This photo is from a lovely afternoon spent eating pizza & ceasar salad, whlle drinking wine overlooking a Bali ricefield with my daughter -- if this kind of living isn't art, I don't know what is. 

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