For the Game Changers

Aug 02, 2018

When I was younger I was a total outcast, a misfit, a rebel.

I did NOT care to do what everyone was telling me I had to do. I just wanted to do whatever the fuck I wanted to do, whenever the fuck I wanted to do it, with whomever the fuck I wanted to do it with.

I did not fit in with the 'high achievers' in school, and so I actually took on the idea for a really long time that success was not for me because I just COULD NOT, no matter what I did, make myself fit into the mold of what everyone else was doing.

I was called irresponsible, wishy washy, uncommitted, lazy.

I bought into that shit as the truth of me for a long ass time, until the day I realized...


I was never supposed to conform, because I am here to change the motherfucking game. I am here to usher in brand new paradigms in the areas of love, money, business, and life in general.

THAT is what I am committed to and always have been, even before I was aware of it.

Boxes, limitations, rules... 
have never been for me.

and truly the foundation of all the work I do now, stems from the deep soul KNOWING I've always had that we are free to create, do, be, have whatever the fuck we want.

And even beyond that, 
the deep knowing that we have access to divine, supernatural powers capable of transcending any set of rules, beliefs, or associations we've ever bought into.

I'm a motherfucking gamechanger. 
I'm here to embody and usher in new paradigms.

(this is the part that excites me the most)

I'm here to support other outcasts, misfits and rebels who've never been able to fit themselves into the parameters of the status quo.

I'm here to help the paradigm shifters like myself, FULLY embody the possibilities they feel in their hearts, thier guts, their souls.

I'm here to remind you that not only do you get to, but you're SUPPOSED to, create a lucrative livlihood around BEING, SHARING and CREATING from the space of upgraded paradigms.

(YOU ARE the future world leaders & gajillionaries)

You may take on the form of a mentor, a messenger, a speaker, a writer... or you may take on the form of something we don't even yet have words to describe yet.

THAT'S how out-of-the-box you are.

Perhaps you're like me, and you never even know WTF to call yourself, but you do understand on a vibrational level what it is you're here to do.

YOU are my people. 
We are here to BE new possibilities.

In order to step into brand new paradigms, we actually must question the fuck out of the legitimacy of the old paradigms, actively choose to buy out of them, resolve our resitances to them, call upon inner truth, trust in ONLY that, and then be/do/create FROM that.

This is a hell of a lot easier to do with the support of a community of like-hearted souls who understand that YOU were never supposed to fit in. Who get that the old rules do not apply to you.

This is a hell of a lot easier with people who can see through the old stories you were unceremoniously gifted through out your life, and invite you to remember YOUR TRUTH. invite you to remember what the fuck you're actually here for.

And so, I'm initiating a High Society of Game Changers.

This is a tight-knit circle of misfits, outcasts, black sheep and rebels entertaining high standards of wealth, freedom & self expression.

We come together with the intention of amplifying our bright truths, from the inside-out, so to serve as a beacon of possibility for all.

Those of you in this ‘High Society’ are the next World Leaders here to embody and usher in new paradigms for all.

If this is you, 

You are intuitive AF, you follow your gut, your heart, your soul... you make your decisions based on only that.

If you're feeling called to this High Society, MESSAGE ME and let's explore.

I look forward to witnessing the game changers that emerge...

Talk to you soon 😉

💫 Chandra Nicole