Fall In Love with Life! (A mantra for you)

Jul 30, 2018

“I am surprised and delighted by the miraculous ways in which Life delivers to me all that I desire and more.


Life gets it kicks off seeing me rich, at ease & turned on by existence.


Every day I express what I want and life gives it to me; no questions asked, simply because I want it.


Life dotes on me, tends to me, worships me.


I love Life, and Life loves me.”





💫 Chandra Nicole



I found this mantra in my memories today.... it’s from my personal collection and summons the exact energies I personally embodied over the past year & a half to call in the love of my life and a six figure business, centered around BEING me & doing only what I love.


I’ve grown passionate about helping others like me, and so I’m initiating a High Society of like hearted souls.


This is a tight-knit circle of misfits, messengers & miracle workers entertaining high standards of wealth, freedom & self expression.


We come together with the intention of amplifying our brightness, from the inside-out, so to serve as a beacon for all.


Those of you in this ‘High Society’ are the next World Leaders & Multi-Millionaires, here to embody and usher in new paradigms for the world.


You are my people and who I’m being guided to work with in the most intimate capacity.


It is my desire to support you in freeing yourself on ALL levels so that you may do YOUR work in the world in the most self-expressed, most authentic & most connected-to-all-that-is way.


This is obviously about delivering your message to your people and ushering in the vast resources that allow for you to do that in sustainable and ever expanding ways, as well as support the lifestyle you desire.


It’s about tapping into your truth, it’s about unapologetically saying YES to it, it’s about claiming the totality of your cosmic gifts, and loves, and treasures.


It’s about choosing to have it all...


but even more than that, it’s about the daily devotion to inner alchemy & personal transformation


... because you ARE the change you wish to see in your world.


If you’re ready to step into the true wealth & world leadership you were born for, and if your soul is summoning you towards this space I’m creating for us...


MESSAGE ME, and let’s chat.