Faith Equals Freedom

Jul 16, 2018

Tuning into yourself, listening to YOUR truth, and practicing FAITH in accordance to that truth, is the foundation of a successful life of freedom & authenticity. 

When I set out on my gypsy adventures a long time ago, I sold most EVERYTHING I owned except for what I could fit in my duffel bag. 

One of the things that I did keep and carry with me for years was a magnet from my fridge (which is ironic, since I rarely had my own fridge of my own to hang it on during those years 🤣)

But I kept it in this little pouch of important things that I carried around with me, and I referred to the words it carried often. 

It said: 

“Faith is believing that one of two things will happen, she said. That there will be something solid for you to stand on, or that you'll be taught how to fly.”

I kept this with me at all times because it was my intention and desire to strengthen my faith. 

I wanted, with all that I was, to be able to trust COMPLETELY in life. I wanted to know with certainty that I was tended to, cared for, and supported NO MATTER WHAT... and I went on a literal mission to prove this to myself, by repeatedly throwing myself into the unknown. 

One of the members of Unlock Your Fuck Yes Life asked me towards the end of our first live transmission last night, 

“How do I strengthen my faith?”

To which I replied, 
“it's simply a choice
and an affirmation”

Faith is the CHOICE to see the perfection in all things, no matter what. 

It's a perspective you DECIDE to entertain, which you will most likely have to practice, over and over and over again. 

When you choose it and affirm it long enough, eventually you will start gathering evidence of it's truth just like any other belief system you buy into, and it will become very real in your life. 

Eventually, faith will become your default mode of operation and you will embody an unshakeable trust in life. 

You don't have to choose it... 

but I can assure you that life will get a lot smoother & your internal state of being a fuck ton calmer if you do. 

Faith will help you relax about what's going on "out there" 
Faith will allow you to listen to the speakings of your soul 
Faith will give you courage to journey the road less traveled 
Faith will soothe you in times of uncertainty 

I have pretty rock solid faith these days, and STILL affirm it most every single day in my journal. 

I say things such as: 

I know that if I simply continue to say yes to my heart & my soul everything will continue to work out perfectly... and even if I don't, it's still working out perfectly. 

I know that there is not a damn thing I need worry about. 

I trust that I cannot make a wrong decision & cannot stray from my path. 

I always make the right decisions for me. 

I know that I'm fully guided, cared for, held & supported at all times. 

I love life and life loves me. 

My faith is STRONG and continues to strengthen, because I CHOOSE for it to & I affirm it as so

Perhaps I sound like a broken record in my message, but everything in your life is simply A CHOICE & a devotion to that choice. 


Faith is no different. 
And it's available to you, 
if you want it. 

💫 Chandra Nicole