Create Heaven on Earth

Aug 07, 2018

To the degree in which you release resistance to your circumstances, and to the degree in which you believe you can have what you really want - so shall you manifest the life that you’ve secretly (or not so secretly) been asking for, every time you experience what you don’t want.


Give up the fight.

Be grateful for the whole damn lot,

knowing it's perfectly delivered you to NOW


know that whatever is presenting in the moment of now,

is not the totality of what's available to you


find the beauty in it

(I assure you there IS beauty in it)


but don't stop there.


Conjure up visions of your next great adventures

if you can see it

if you can feel it



Give ALL doubts to the infinite.

Cast them upon the Christ within

where they are returned to their native state of nothingness

and you go free in abundance and pure possibility


THIS is literally the process to liberate yourself and conjure forth your own version of heaven on earth.


  1. Practice Radical Gratitude
  2. See with your mind's eye all that you desire as done
  3. Let Go (of your limitations) and Let God (do the heavy lifting)
  4. Rinse & Repeat


No Limits. Just Love.

💫 Chandra Nicole




This is the process I've walked myself through for years, and the process I guide my mentees through, over and over and over again.


With commitment,


it becomes the sweetest of divine devotions

it becomes the greatest of love affairs

it becomes the most miraculous way of life


and the treasures at the end of this rainbow,

are far too many to ever be counted


Currently, I'm working most intimately with the game changers, the thought leaders, the paradigm shifters... to support them in getting out of their own way, stepping powerfully into their soul work, and calling forth abundant and sustainable compensation.


The ones who are ready to work with me KNOW it.

they can feel it in their bones,

and the call is difficult to ignore.


If this is you,

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


You know where to find me when you're ready ❤️