Caution is for Pussies

Aug 13, 2018

Stop playing it safe, goddammit!

What in the actual fuck are you trying to shelter yourself from, anyway?


An exciting, thrilling, intoxicating life experience?


Are you trying to tip-toe into the grave?

Careful, to not make too many waves or ruffle too many feathers before you take your extended dirt nap?


You're gonna die...

in not all too many years,

in the grand scheme of things.




Are you in this human game for a sleepy, yawn-filled time?




are you gonna risk it all,

stop pussyfooting around,

and fucking GO FOR IT?


Wouldn't you rather dance into that grave, with arms flailing, laughing all the way?


KNOWING that you lived your life to the fullest?

that you opted into the grandest adventures?

that you played FULL OUT?


I assure you,

leaping boldly, audaciously, WILDLY into the unknown over and over and over again will produce for you a far more delicious experience than playing it safe EVER will.


Are you here to LIVE your life?

Or are you here to merely survive life, until you die?




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💫 Chandra Nicole