Calling All High Class Gypsies

Jun 28, 2017

I’m getting really fucking honest with myself today about who it is I really want to serve with my time, with my words, with my energy, with my attention.

My overarching message has always been one of freedom - I’m gonna venture to guess that will never change.

If I really think about it, ever since I was young all I gave a shit about was freedom. From day one, I was a misfit through and through.

I couldn’t have expressed it as such back then but to do things my own way, independently and beyond conventional rules and practices, has always been my driving force. I’ve always been a free spirit, I’ve always been bold AF and I’ve always made choices with reckless abandon, giving little thought to the consequences of my actions.

That may seem like a negative thing, but if I were to ask myself what has been the number one thing that has allowed me to evolve and grow so quickly, it would be that.

Fear keeps us tiny.
Courage makes us BIG.

I’ve been inquiring into myself as to the nature and origination of my moxie the past few days, because I’ve come to learn that it’s not a trait everyone inherently possesses… so it seems it’s always been there for me.

Through my internal inquiries it’s become evident that freedom has always been so damn important to me, that nothing else mattered. For me, staying imprisoned in a mediocre life with mediocre expectations and mediocre ideas, has always been FAR more scary than leaping blindly into the unknown.

And so I leap -- over and over and over again.
Moving about from place to place.
Exploring landscapes, internal and external alike.

When we dive head first into what scares us most (on repeat), massive and rapid expansion is inevitable.

What freedom means to me has grown over the years to include much more than anything that can be obtained in the physical world, but still is very much rooted in the tangible. We’re humans for a reason and I believe we’re here to partake in the physical world, not transcend it entirely. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

The whole point of this post is that I’m really tuning into who I’d prefer to mentor and support and they are, quite simply, the ones “like me”

they are
the wanderers
the wayfinders
the messengers
the gypsies
the misfits
that know they’re here for more.

they desire independence of location, freedom to move about the world spreading the words and the arts that pour through them, all across the land (in the most magical way possible)

but they’re not the traditional hippies and gypsies that were content with revoking all worldly possessions and settling with bare minimums -- they are the new wave of bohemians, that desire deep down to explore & share in HIGH FUCKING CLASS.

VIP style.

Because you ARE magnificent.
Because you ARE illuminating the world.
Because you ARE the exalted one.

And it’s your damn birthright.

Through the example of my own life, I am here to activate & inspire an entire community of high class gypsies into lives of in-your-face-boldness, EXTREME wealth, and copious contribution.

Moving forth, my offerings will be tailored to YOU.
You know who you are
I’m calling you in
You are my people.


And this is my art - my alchemy - my livelihood

~ Chandra Nicole