Break Your Own Rules

Jun 05, 2017

We tend to think things need to happen in a sequential & logical order.


It’s our human training
which we must actively reprogram
Because it’s utter bullshit.

If everything had to happen logically and sequentially,
Where would the magic be?
How would miracles fit into the equation?

Who says that just because you’ve “figured out” how to line up with a few grand a week,
that you can’t then line up with 30k the very next week?

Who says that just because your pants feel tight today,
they can’t be loose tomorrow?

Who says that your life can’t look totally different today,
than it did yesterday?

Who the hell gets to decide how things happen for you?
There’s no logical order that anything needs to happen in,
outside of some arbitrary rules you’ve bought into.


If you do in fact want FAST change
You’ve got to the inner landscaping to make that possible.

You create your world from the inside out!
Every. Single. Moment.
Every. Single. Day.
Without fail.

If you want a speedy turnaround.
If you want to get rich quick.
If you want a new life experience, like yesterday…

You’ve got to understand that manipulating your external world
Is the sloooooow hard laborious way to create change

If you want miracles,
You must go within.
You must surrender your little self.
You must become what you are seeking.
You must call upon your infinite self

That is where you’ll transcend timelines
That is where you’ll break all the rules
That is where YOU decide what makes sense sequentially in your life.
No one else gets to decide that, but YOU.

Go forth and make magic in your life.

~ Chandra Nicole