Bending Deeply & Freely

Jun 09, 2017

As I was waiting for my coffee to brew this morning, I found myself in a downward facing dog - a place I’ve been finding myself most mornings in the recent past.

I’ve never been a yoga person, but I’ve been trying out this whole allowing my body to move ME thing, and it often takes me there. As I was stretching I noticed that I was bending deeper and longer than the days previous -- and then I was struck with this weird desire to get reaaaaally flexible, and I was like okay but why would I want that?

And I was like, well chandra, don’t you realize how much freedom you’ve created in your life already?

You’ve freed yourself from the status quo, from emotional bondage, from insecurities upon insecurities, from poverty, from eating disorders and from alcohol addiction.

Currently, you’re working on financial freedom & messaging freedom… why not freedom of body movement too?

It then occurred to me that since I’ve already hacked away at the really big two headed monsters of my life and created a stable foundation of freedom, I’m now able to fine tune my liberation into all the more subtle nuances of my experience.

My bar on feeling good is raising quicker than ever before, and it’s clear to me that I would have never got to this place, had I not made some really big changes and powerful choices in favor of the life that I really desired -- if I hadn’t chosen to believe that I really could have it all.

About now you’re probably like, chandra what’s the fucking point of this story?

The point is this:

But you first must decide that it’s going to get better!
No. Matter. What.

And then you must cultivate your mind to believe that you too can free yourself and create whatever the fuck you want in your life.

If you would be willing to take that first step towards the life you’re actually wanting -- no matter how much it freaks you out -- it would all get better quickly.

If you’d get really real with yourself, I know you know what that first step is. When you say YES to your authentic life, it will start a momentum that takes on a life of it’s own, like a snowball rolling down a giant hill.

One Fuck Yeah will activate a chain reaction of Fuck Yeah’s and before you know it those big demons will be slayed and you’ll be blissfully expanding your liberation into all the more subtle nooks and crannies of your life… and it will just keep getting better and better and better.

Your day to day focus’s and choices, although they potentially may not seem like big hairy deals in the moment, have a very tangible compound effect over the course of time. If you'd be willing to start TODAY with saying YES to what you really want, before you know it the yes’s will take over your life and you’ll be bending deeper and longer and more freely than ever before.

~ Chandra Nicole