Beach Hangover

Jun 26, 2017

I woke up this morning with a beach hangover.
Skin tight, lips cracked, dehydrated, foggy, salty, smokey, sandy.

My weekend was spent posted by a campfire
built in a hole dug from the sand
beneath a million stars
waves crashing, teal by day, invisible by night

Many many hours
laying in the sun,
floating in the sea,
swinging in the hammock
thinking about magic
observing the manifestations
of my mind
before me

By the time I made it home last night I had zero ambition to shower
Instead I shoveled down a pint of strawberry cheesecake ben & jerrys
then went to sleep all beachy,
before the sun even crossed the horizon for the day...
and slept straight through dawn

I set off on this tropical camping excursion feeling somewhat flat
in desire of deeper clarity
wanting to breathe fresh life into my daily do
looking to shed some more layers
to expose some new vibrant skin

… and this morning
in the aftermath of extreme beaching,
I feel chill AF
readier than ever
to close this book
and begin again

stay tuned, because
this next story includes:

sexy sorceress magic
high class gypsy journeys
mystical landscapes
worldly treasures
alchemical poetry
cosmic conversation
copious amounts of earthfood

My heart tells me the epic adventures that lie before me
are not just mine, but yours too

it’s my soul’s desire,
to bring you along in spirit
to share
what i’m tasting
what i’m feeling
what i’m hearing
what i’m desiring
what i’m touching
what i’m thinking
what i’m seeing
what i’m knowing

I’m not exactly sure why…
but who am I to question divine instruction?

And so, this is my new devotion to you. To us.
to undress each day and stand naked & exposed before god and everyone.
to fill up every day to overflowing
to never grow complacent
to let life use me to capacity
to lay me down exhausted each dusk
and to make me anew each dawn

Each day I will pray & play with you.

~ Chandra Nicole