Authenticity Wins the Day

Jul 08, 2020

When I was 26 years old I joined a network marketing company for the first time, and although that ended up not being the business model for me, it helped me see something clearly about myself.

I learned that I was extremely gifted at inspiring others to expect more from their lives.

I sold $20k in products to brand new entrepreneurs 60 days out of the gate, purely by encouraging them to dream bigger.

Ten years later, one of the first high-end private mentoring clients I signed turned out to be a spiritual entrepreneur.

She came to me thinking she needed to build her business the way she’d seen others do it... but I helped her trust herself, tune into her own unique genius, and follow the plan in her heart.

...and in only six weeks I helped her go from zero clients in her relatively new interior design company, to signing a long term client, manifesting an aligned partnership, and bringing in $800/day.

That’s when I discovered my gift for helping people with their businesses.

Although, at the time I hadn’t had much success myself yet, nor traditional knowledge about how to actually build a business... I understood that authenticity wins the day and that we each have bigger wisdom within us that carries the unique blueprint to our most authentic life and business.

This is what I’ve been passionate about for years, and have been secretly mentoring on behind the scenes.

It’s only been recent, that I’ve ‘come out of the closet’ so to speak, communicating with spiritual entrepreneurs directly.

It is my desire to support you in building a business and a life that is an extension of your unique self expression; a work of art symbolic of your inherent freedom on all fronts.

There is no strategy or plan which exists outside of you that will show you how to realize the one-of-a-kind creations that want to be birthed through you, entrepreneurial or otherwise, and as long as you’re perpetually searching for one and not trusting your inherent wisdom, you will be doing yourself and others a massive disservice.

My specialty is helping you trust what’s within, chip away all that immobilizes the golden god that is your true self, and dream awake a thriving business which is an accurate representation of your divine genius.

Message me if you’d like help with this... I have a couple of ways in which I can serve you right now.

Chandra Nicole