Are You Getting Uncomfortable Six Times a Day?

Jun 16, 2017

Last night I was watching a Neale Donald Walsch workshop that, judging from the pink floral interior of the conference room, had to have been from the early 80’s.

The decor was dated, but the message was timeless.

One of the things that popped out to me was something he said about Life beginning at the end of your comfort zone. I’ve heard it said in that exact way before a gazillion times… is this a NDW thing, or was he quoting someone else? Eh. doesn’t matter.

But he went on to say (and this is the part that really gets me) --
you should be making yourself uncomfortable at least 6 times a day.

Everything you want
the life you really want to live
is on the other side of comfort.

If you’re not getting uncomfortable
you’re not living.
If you’re not getting uncomfortable
you’re basically just waiting to die.

This really struck home with me.

I had a similar realization about 7 years ago --
I’ve written about this before, but let me paint the scene just in case you missed it.

I was a hot fucking mess, sitting in my living room in Lincoln, Nebraska where I’d been crying for days in the same wine stained white tank and light blue yoga pants.

I had been talking about moving to the ocean for years, and also talking myself out of it for years because the timing wasn’t right (aka I was scared AF) My unwillingness to get uncomfortable and take action had created me into my second existential crisis in a five year period.

Somehow, between the tears I had this moment of clarity in which I realized if I didn’t say fuck you to my fears and do what i really wanted to do, I was literally going to spend the rest of my life dying slowly in the midwest.

This understanding was far scarier to me than the unknowns of following my heart.

That was a monumental turning point for me and ever since then, I’ve purged myself from many “comfortable” scenarios. Each time I do so, i grow in leaps and bounds. I can’t even imagine what my life would look like, or who I would be, if I hadn’t.

I’ve acclimated pretty well to being uncomfortable, however I’m certainly not getting uncomfortable at least six times a day.

Holy fuck!

I consider myself a bit of an expansion junkie, and so this notion is quite appealing to me

I share this for a couple of reasons:

I’m currently getting rid of everything I own (AGAIN) to embark on a year long world wide gypsy adventure with my daughter - a lot because it just feels exciting, but also because I noticed myself getting a little too comfortable here in my current lifestyle here on the island - and I’m here before you, feeling inspired to set intentions for getting out of my comfort zone like never ever before. Six times a day… can I do it?!

I want to ask you, how might your life be different if you were to do that thing you’ve been been too scared to do? What might change if you lived on the edge of your comfort zone a little more frequently? Is it time to shake your life up?! Are you throwing yourself over the edge and living to the fullest? Or are you just waiting to die?

Here’s the thing I always remind myself of: We know how this story ends. There’s no way to escape it.

So, why the fuck shouldn't we get a little crazy while we’re here?
Why would we ever let a silly little thing like fear keep us from our wild and exciting life?

If staying safe and small is serving you, then by all means don’t let me disturb your nest.

But if not, are you ready to take a flying leap with me?

I trust this when you do --
there will ALWAYS be something solid to stand on, and if not
you’ll be taught how to fly.

~ Chandra Nicole