Are You a Wizard Too?

Jun 23, 2017

Today I'm thinking about magic, as I re-read the Way of the Wizard for the umpteenth time... and I'm giddy with delight.

I can talk about deliberate reality creation from countless different perspectives, from many levels of reality, and from spans of sciences and religions and philosophies... not to mention personal experiences.

None more significant than the other, and all adding greater layers upon greater layers of understanding for my human.

But no other way of talking about deliberate reality creation excites my soul as much as when when I consider it from the perspective of MAGIC.

I wrote this little poetic musing the other day:

"I don't want to be smart, 
I want to be wise.

I don't want to logically know of a truth, 
I want to eat it, breathe it, sleep with it.

I don't want to simply speak knowledge, 
I want to feel it tingling in my bones."

The truth is -- 
I can feel Magic TINGLING IN MY BONES.

Magic to me, is not some airy fairy mystical thing. It's clear and intentional use of the laws of the universe that we're all subject to at all times, whether we know it or not.

The difference between a wizard and a non-wizard, is that a wizard uses these laws intentionally... and the rest get used by these laws.

Stated more clearly: 
A wizard uses magic 
magic uses the non-wizard

It's not really that some of us have innate wizard capabilities and some do not...

It's more accurate to say that we all have a potential wizard inside of us, but whether or not we activate that wizard is up to us.

Here is a really fun affirmation (or incantation) to use to activate your magical capacities:

I always & only have crystal clear thoughts aligned with my crystal clear intentions.

All else is cast upon the christ/source/infinite within, 
and I go free to do magic.

My intentions ALWAYS come true in the most unexpected, miraculous & ease-filled ways.

my words are magic

Now... you cute little wizard... 
Go forth and do magic in your life. 
You are powerful beyond measure.

~ Chandra Nicole

If you're done with playing small in your life and are ready to step into your power and activate the wizard within, 
send me a message and let's explore how we can do magic together  💫