An Affirmative Message From My Journal to You

May 27, 2017

I need nothing from anything or anyone. 

I get all that I require from my source -
The intrinsic source that springs forth from within me.

I can relax and just enjoy my life.
All is truly well
And I am wealthy beyond anything my mind could ever imagine.

I trust in my inspirations and intuitive nudges.
I know that when I act upon them with blind faith and peace in my heart,
all works out perfectly.
I trust that even if I get scared and don’t act upon my internal promptings,
All is STILL working out perfectly.

However, my preference is --
To surrender my limitations
To align myself with the voice of the universe
To choose love over fear more often than not
To act from abundance, not scarcity

I know for certain when i do this
I invoke the miraculous
I activate the power that creates the cosmos
I become a cooperative component to my wildest dreams
I be the change that changes my world.

Today, I move forth in certainty of all this.
And more.
I know in my heart of hearts that not only can I HAVE IT ALL,
But that I AM it all.

~ Chandra Nicole