Adventures in Blogging

Jul 20, 2021

First, before I get into what I'm here to talk about today -

Did you ever see the 80's flick, Adventures in Babysitting, where Elisabeth Shue does her best to look after some pre-teens gone rogue in the city of Chicago? It was one of my fave movies as a kid.

That's what the title of this blog post makes me think of. 

Anyways, If you've not seen it, stop reading right now and make yourself a note to watch asap. 

Now... onto adventures in blogging... 

When I was 31 years old - nearly twelve years ago now - I made my debut into the online space with a food blog called 'The Earthfood Experiment'. (The image above is from a photoshoot I had done for that blog)

The web platforms we're so accustomed to today were a whole new world back then, for me and many others. I had only signed up for a Facebook account a year before that, and Pinterest was in invite-only-beta-mode (if you can even imagine)

It was a very fun and creative time for me right before I left the midwest with only a couple hundred bucks in my pocket when shit then got very - let's just say  INTENSE - for me, for many years to follow 😭

(was I having a good time? I can't tell by this photo lol) 

I don't actually recall the specifics of what inspired me to start that blog, but I do remember thinking I couldn't lead with what I really wanted to talk about, which at the time, felt way too weird and woo-woo for the people I imagined would read a blog written by me (such as my midwestern mother and my friends)

At that point, I had worked as a hairstylist for over ten years and had discovered, through talking to the women who sat in my chair day after day, that I was a Life Coach at heart. I was beginning to explore the possibilities of that as a career.

In addition, the trajectory of my own life had caused me to begin searching for answers to what this whole "life thing" was all about.

What I really wanted to talk about were the rabbit holes I had begun diving down several years before. I wanted to have conversations about things such as "The Secret" which suggested we had way more influence over our reality than we are typically led to believe, or 'The Holographic Universe" which posed the idea that this world is just a wispy, not-even-real, illusion.

However, these new-to-me ideas that I was endlessly fascinated with, just felt way too far out there to go around speaking about openly.

I remember how my heart raced with anxiety as I handed my copy of Eckhart Tolle's 'A New Earth' over to my boyfriend with an invite to read and respond - I was certain he would think I was completely off my fucking rocker, and that would be the end of us.

Needless to say, I didn't feel liberated to openly speak about what was on my heart to speak about at the time and so instead I started a food blog upon the premise that it would be nutrition for the body, mind & soul.

I felt that gave me the leeway to talk about more than just-food.

It was there I began "back-dooring" little bits of what I really wanted to talk about, while I brought through the front door a whole lot of other shenanigans about food, about my life, about my friends, and about my random thoughts on random things.

That blog never really gained much traction but before I knew it, just a couple of years later, I'd grown a set of balls, started an online community based on the weird shit I really wanted to talk about (called Rebels for Consciousness) - which grew freakishly fast to 10k very active people in just a few months - and I was off to the races.

I launched a career as a life coach, began facilitating online roundtable conversations and workshops, taking clients, and talking almost exclusively about the law of attraction, quantum physics, and other such reality creation concepts.

(this photo is from the 2012 launch of my mentoring business) 

This has literally been my life for nearly the past decade now.

On many occasions, over those years, I would recall my food blog days and feel nostalgic for them, but I wasn't really sure why.

It was only recently I felt that nostalgia again and realized how creatively stifled I had become by the narrow range of writing and speaking I seem to have pigeonholed myself into. For some reason, I had unconsciously decided that writing about a variety of topics would not serve my online mentoring business well, and I was secretly longing for permission to write about a variety of topics like I did back in my food blogging days.

Isn't it ironic that back then I would hardly allow myself to talk about what I really wanted to talk about, and that I dreamt of speaking freely about what is so very normal for me to talk about today...

and that today, I hardly allow myself to talk about the variety of topics that make me who I am, which back then I allowed myself to speak of so freely. lol *facepalm* #lifeamirite

I suppose sometimes we must deeply explore the extremities of life in order to circle back around, with greater wisdom, to integrate their elements into a more whole expression of ourselves - at least that has certainly been the case for me.

That being said, this blog is the full circle reprise of my earthfood experiment days - only this time, there are no taboo subjects - anything's fair game for Chandra Nicole.

I choose to trust, with my whole heart, that whatever I'm inspired to say and share here will be in service of my mentoring business, my empire, and my larger life vision - even if not obviously so.

One thing I've come to know for sure is that I must follow the promptings of my heart, I must take my divine guidance, I must be true to who I am - no matter what, even when it doesn't make sense to my logical mind...

because it's only when I don't, that my life seems to "stop working" in the way I deep down know it could.

My first blog was an experiment in food... you could say this blog is an experiment in self-expression.

If this speaks to you, and you're called to experiment with me - I'd love nothing more than to have you along for this adventure in blogging.

P.S My very creative & talented friend Lindsay took all the photos and made all the graphics you see in this post. She now has a very popular account on Instagram called Wilder, where you can read and purchase her beautiful poetry. I highly recommend paying her a visit.




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