Accidental Shapeshifter Day 84 post... I swear they're just happening aut0magically now 

Jan 04, 2020


Thinking that someone else knows how to do life and business better than you do is an excellent way to create your life and business as an uninspired carbon copy of what already exists.


That's not what you came here to do.


You came here to realize never-before-dreamt-of potentials and possibilities. You came here to innovate and dream awake creation like the totally unique individuated god that you are.


Don't you know that YOU are the one-of-a-kind, totally worthless *yet* completely PRICELESS art piece that is the conjurer of the millions + the billions?


Anything other than your own authentic innovative life and business will procure you only a decent to average to mediocre experience.


If that's what you're into, no judgment...


but what I'm super fucking excited about is being surrounded by and supporting those who dare travel a path of trusting in themselves above all else, and dreaming awake enchanted empires of dream art.


My advice is this -


don't ever take advice from anyone who encourages you to trust in their advice/strategies/ways more than they encourage you to know and trust in yourself as having infinite information and inspiration available at your fingertips.


Only take advice from those who encourage you to trust in yourself entirely, who help you foster belief in your ideas and your inspirations, who support you in remembering that you're a motherfucking god with ALL of the answers existing inside of you.


If you ask me, the primary malady of the human race is that we've forgotten who we are and we don't trust ourselves, which has us scampering around in our illusory dream worlds looking for someone to "show us the how"


When you call first upon your remembrance of who you really are and then foster unwavering faith in that remembrance... you will clearly be able to see *the best* way for the realization of your own unique expression, without anyone having to tell you what to do.


Tell the truth

Trust yourself

Tell the truth

Trust yourself

Rinse and repeat


What's this 'truth' I speak of?


You are the dreamer of your dream world

You are the creator of time and space.

You are the master of your resources.

You are the source of your love.

You are the source of your acceptance.

You are the source of your approval.

You are the source of your power.


When you know this and trust in this you tune into the god frequency and you blast open your infinite channel of information and inspiration that will pave the way to your most authentic expression and your highest potential.


Let's create businesses and lives founded on this frequency...yeah? What say you?