Accessing Your SuperHuman

Jul 17, 2018

Did you know that you have a super power accessible to you that far exceeds your conscious mind?


Your mind is only capable of understanding the past and is severely limited in it's capacity to innovate.


If you're using your mind too much in your life, you're literally handicapping yourself.


There’s a space that exists between worlds, in which you can call upon faaaaaar more information than the mind can access.


I understand it as the space between sleep & awake, but it's been called many things over the ages. It's the "place" you experience when you first open your eyes in the morning; not quite awake, yet not asleep either.


It's a space in which your mind is completely relaxed, and you're floaty, dreamy, not quite totally in your body just yet.


Basically, you haven't gotten in your own damn way yet, via the mind.


You have access to this state of being all the time, perhaps you just don't know it or don't know how to access it...


but when you do, it's where everything becomes really fucking easy, mental masterbation is a thing of the past, ideas and inspirations flow freely, like sweet syrup from the tree of divinity.


This is a state that's often achieved through meditation, through an artistic endeavor or through some activity pertaining to your passions or great loves.


With practice, you can actually access this state of being on demand and you can create your life powerfully from it.


From this space you’re capable of bending time, shape shifting, recieving visions, and transcending any perceived limitations.


In this space you become magical. Superhuman, even.


To access this state you must commit to relinquishing your cares, your worries, your doubts, your judgements... and in it's place allow yourself to be swept up in peace, in knowing, in joy.


For me, this is most easy when I'm writing.


I sit down with my fingers on the keys and make the choice, to cast my conscious mind aside and to allow the truth of what I REALLY AM to flow through me and through my fingertips.


It actually happens anytime I show up in any type of message bearing capacity, whether it's through private mentoring, group facilitation, or public live transmissions.


It is my aim, as of lately, to put myself in more of these scenarios, to devote myself to this state of being, to submit myself to it even...


for I can feel my higher truth lives in this space and it is from there that I am guided most clearly, powerfully, miraculously to all I AM and all that matches that in this physical world.


I used to think I had to figure it all out with my little monkey mind... but now I know there's a far more direct and potent path to where I'm heading.


I'm certain you have at least a flicker of knowing what I speak of, here.


I'd love to know...


Have you experienced this state of being? When do you experience it most often?


If you could access it more, and guide your life by it... would you?



💫 Chandra Nicole


p.s. Are you interested in accessing this state of being more often to become the superhuman leader of your own Free World?


Wanna tap into your ultimate truth and rewrite the rules of your life?


Do you know deep down that you're a rebel, a misfit, a black sheep - who was NEVER meant to fit in?


Are you the type of person who will do what it takes, no matter what it takes, no matter how long it takes - in order to have the life & business that feels authentic unto YOU?


Are you willing to risk it ALL to commit your life to HAVING IT ALL?


If you cannot, will not, and absolutely REFUSE to settle for less because you know deep down that you’re LIMITLESS and you're here to change the motherfucking game... MESSAGE ME!.