A Perfect Fit

Jul 14, 2020

Never settle for something that is not a perfect fit.

This has been a big, and hard-learned lesson for me.

There have been so many things over the years that have looked perfect on paper, and made complete sense to my logical mind and my heart, even...

yet, whenever I dove deeper into them, they were at total odds with my intuition.

Something just didn’t quite fit right, and I could feel it, even if I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was.

Kind of like when you’re doing a puzzle, and a piece looks like it should totally fit but at a closer glance you realize that in order to make it do so, you have to jam it into place, and even then, it’s still clearly off, even if only by a fraction.

That misplaced piece throws the whole rest of your puzzle and actually makes it impossible to finish.

It’s the same with putting together the components of your life.

I personally have historically (and predominantly) done this in both business & romance.

I have loved the idea of certain pieces more than I loved the reality of how they actually fit together; and I have learned that no matter how close of a match those pieces appear to be, the very act of trying to jam them together always causes my life to not work in the way I know it could.

It takes real courage to admit to yourself when it’s not quite a perfect fit, and it takes full faith in knowing that there is something more suited to you, on its way.

The thing is though, the pieces that do fit can’t even make themselves known to you if you keep insisting on jamming in the ones that don’t.

When you start refusing to settle for anything that is not a perfect fit, your life will come together better than ever before.

Happily Ever After

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