A Life On Loan

Jul 26, 2019

Two more days left at Tropic Seas... I've been here so long (by gypsy standards) that this place feels like mine.

It's so strange to be turning it all in. 
It's as if I checked out this life from the library, 
and the return date has come due.

I realize though, that this is all we're ever doing.

Just checking life stories out from this Earth Library...
and the reality is that it all comes due for return, eventually.

the body - it's not yours. 
the house - it's not yours. 
the money - it's not yours. 
the car - it’s not yours.

the lover, the friends, the business - not yours. not yours. not yours.

.... to convince yourself that you are the owner of these things, is to pull the wool over your own eyes.

It's all just a mirage. A dream. 

... with rapidity.

To cling when the winds of change blow and the return date is near,
is to suffer at the hands of illusion.

The real truth is this: 
there are no limits to the dreams you can dream, and the tales you can borrow... and to sorrow over one due date is to miss the fact that upon return, you now have an infinite library from which to check out your next story...

~ Chandra Nicole