Spirituality Rehab

Aug 19, 2019

I feel like what I’ve been doing a lot of lately is rehabbing “new age spiritual” people... 

Here’s the thing: 
There’s nothing fucking wrong with you.

You don’t need to heal yourself, because you’re not sick.
And you don’t need to fix yourself, because you’re not broken.

You don’t need to be a “better” person. 

You don’t need to do more yoga, or buy more crystals, or consult with more oracle decks.

You don’t need to read five billion personal development books, go to a gajillion retreats, and watch 5,693 seminars.

Now don’t get it twisted, you can definitely do all these things if they’re fun & expansive for you... but you don’t have to do it in order to fix something that’s wrong with you.

The truth is that all of your perceived brokenness and fuckedupness is a god damned illusion.

It’s not real. 
It exists only in your head.

And by trying to...


Evolving Through the Fulfillment of Desire

Aug 12, 2019

A perfect Sunday spent on the beach here in Montecito, CA...

clear blue skies, warm sun, slight breeze, gorgeous views, dolphins, great friends, lux resorts.

I remember a time, not all too long ago when I yearned for the life I live now.

Sometimes I wonder what I’d be like, as a person, if I’d never said yes to my desires and left everything familiar to gypsy around the world.

Back then when I felt land-locked and job-locked and simply NOT free… 
I thought it was a liberated lifestyle I really wanted.

I did get that lifestyle and am grateful for it every single day.

I’m grateful that I get out of bed exactly when I want to every morning.
I’m grateful that I spend my days doing whatever the fuck I want.
I’m grateful that I make money doing what I love, from anywhere in the world.
I’m grateful that I have unlimited time to spend with people I adore.

But even more than all that... 
I’m grateful for WHO I’ve become 


Making Bold Choices That Stick

Aug 02, 2019

Unless you consciously & Powerfully choose something new for yourself, your default setting is to recreate the past on repeat.

The way that most of us make choices is in favor of that default setting. Based on memories of the past which you’re dragging into the present moment.

…. and even if you should happen to have a flash of insight and make a bold choice in alignment with a different future scenario, often what soon follows in a retraction on that decision.

This happens because you get a glimpse of your future self, 
you have the wherewithal to make a different choice from that glimpse into the future…

All the fears, doubts, beliefs, and limiting perspectives that created your current reality creep in and override your choice.

This is imagery from a reality that no longer exists, outside of your redundant reimagining of it.

This way of imagining is so not helpful for creating what you really want to experience in your life and...


Making Bold Choices with Total Confidence

Jul 31, 2019

This was one of my last moments in Honolulu, right before I got on a plane to California...

I've been thinking a lot in the past 48 hours since leaving Hawaii, about the most important faculties that must be activated and utilized, in order to shapeshift and step powerfully into entirely new realities.

One of the things I've been thinking about is how the ability to make Bold Choices with confidence, is PARAMOUNT to creating the life you really want to live.

In order to make Bold Choices, you must be clear on what you value most and you must craft ironclad standards surrounding those values.

You must then squeeze out the energetic essence of those two things, and embody that essence.

From there, it's then super easy to move through the moments of your day with the ability to intuitively say YES to what matches that essence and NO to what does not.

This is the end of the wishy-washy oscillation that occurs when you try to make decisions with your head, as well as the indecision...


The Illogical Burning Belly of Soul Desire

Jul 27, 2019
24 more hours here in this condo by the sea, with my love.
I'm having such a good and easy time with him that I almost forget why we're going our separate ways...

Why is it that I seem to hold the most appreciation for people, things, and scenarios in my life on their way in, and on their way out? (not the point here, but curious side phenomena to ponder)

When I feel deep down within to my burning belly of desire, I remember how "Fuck Yes" this choice is, to diverge onto solo adventures, for now... as illogical as it seems. 

When I look back, I see more and more clearly how I sacrificed myself for his love in ways from the very beginning that were so small and so subtle, they were almost invisible to the human eye.
Over time, these invisible denials of self added up to equal a debilitating disempowerment and suffocation of my soul - manifesting in a host of unsavory ways through all arenas of my life.

This was...

A Life On Loan

Jul 26, 2019

Two more days left at Tropic Seas... I've been here so long (by gypsy standards) that this place feels like mine.

It's so strange to be turning it all in. 
It's as if I checked out this life from the library, 
and the return date has come due.

I realize though, that this is all we're ever doing.

Just checking life stories out from this Earth Library...
and the reality is that it all comes due for return, eventually.

the body - it's not yours. 
the house - it's not yours. 
the money - it's not yours. 
the car - it’s not yours.

the lover, the friends, the business - not yours. not yours. not yours.

.... to convince yourself that you are the owner of these things, is to pull the wool over your own eyes.

It's all just a mirage. A dream. 

... with rapidity.

To cling when the winds of change blow and the return date is near,
is to suffer at the hands of illusion.

The real truth is this: 
there are no limits to the...


Caution is for Pussies

Aug 13, 2018

Stop playing it safe, goddammit!

What in the actual fuck are you trying to shelter yourself from, anyway?


An exciting, thrilling, intoxicating life experience?


Are you trying to tip-toe into the grave?

Careful, to not make too many waves or ruffle too many feathers before you take your extended dirt nap?


You're gonna die...

in not all too many years,

in the grand scheme of things.




Are you in this human game for a sleepy, yawn-filled time?




are you gonna risk it all,

stop pussyfooting around,

and fucking GO FOR IT?


Wouldn't you rather dance into that grave, with arms flailing, laughing all the way?


KNOWING that you lived your life to the fullest?

that you opted into the grandest adventures?

that you played FULL OUT?


I assure you,

leaping boldly, audaciously, WILDLY into the unknown over and over and over again will produce for you a far more delicious experience than playing it safe EVER will.




Melt Your Limiting Beliefs Back Into Nothingness

Aug 12, 2018

I used to not want anyone to know what my limiting beliefs were... fuck, I didn’t even want to know what they were.


I’d been taught to focus on the positive and so rejected & stuffed away in the “closet” all I deemed negative.


I felt like if “we” really knew what I thought about myself, then it’d become more real in my life.


That’s back when I believed the thoughts in my head, and also didn’t understand the power of resistance to create more of exactly what I resisted.


These days though...


I’ve been literally rejoicing each time I discover a new secret story of limitation I’ve been telling all these years, and I share my discoveries with all the people closest to me; my business coach, my money coach, my boyfriend, my daughter, my clients (who are also my friends)


Because I understand something now, I didn’t understand back then...


Just because it’s a...


Change Your Mind and Change What You Create

Aug 11, 2018

The most “challenging” part of changing your life

is changing your mind.


You create your world from the inside-out,

always and without fail.


If you want a different experience,

you've gotta start seeing things differently.


in order to see things differently,

you've gotta start thinking differently.


If you want to sidestep into an entirely new reality,

you've got to be willing to reel yourself in

and put your energy

where the real change occurs...




This requires a few things:

* radical self-responsibility

* the willingness to say YES to your desires

* disciplined focus


Many aren't willing to do this.

It's too hard they say.

And so they give in to subpar living.

When the truth is,

they are UNLIMITED.


This is your truth too.

It's everyone's truth.



will you do the work to forge new pathways in your mind,

and tap your true potential?




will you take the...


Your Choice is Wildly Powerful

Aug 09, 2018

NEVER underestimate the power of saying YES to your soul!


The simple act of saying YES is truly all that's needed to initiate the transformation required to receive what you've said YES to...


your choice is WILDLY powerful.


I dare you to identify all the places you've been shutting yourself down, all the places you've been saying NO to your desires...


and then run a crazy ass experiment of saying an internal YES - and invite in the audacity to BELIEVE it's possible for you - where before you would have uttered a hard NO.


When you say yes to your soul,

you activate literal miracles in your life.


The universe WANTS to provide for you.

It wants to make your wildest dreams come true...


But it's up to you to initiate the process,

and it all starts with a YES. 


Chandra Nicole

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