Shapeshifter 85 - master of magic

Jan 06, 2020
As long as you insist on having to see it before you believe it, you will never be able to innovate wild new possibilities for your life
As long as you insist on having to see it before you believe it, you will relegate yourself to painstakingly slow, incremental progression intrinsic to movement through space + timelines.
As long as you insist on having to see it before you believe it, you will not be able to upgrade your paradigms to activate the pure divine magic available to you.
Basically, as long as you insist on having to see it before you believe it, you cannot do magic and you cannot facilitate miracles.
True Magic + Miracles are the domain of the divine, divinity that you, by-the-way, are coded for.
What's required to activate the full potential of this coding and the conscious wielding of your divine magic, is verrry specific.
Full forced cosmic power is not simply handed out all...

Shapeshifter Day 85 - your thoughts think themselves

Jan 05, 2020

I did a Livestream today titled, "Have You Ever Noticed That Your Thoughts Seem to "Think Themselves"?


It was on the topic of why trying to change/create your reality at the level of the thought does not work well (have you noticed?) and can only produce verrry slow + incremental change (not to mention inconsistent outcomes)


Trying to change your world through the avenue of managing your thought-forms is similarly as sloooow paced as trying to create change through managing your physical forms.


It doesn't work very well because they are both effects - manifestations - of a deeper, subconscious template.


By the time you become conscious of the thought that's "thinking itself" (and most likely producing an automatic emotional reaction)... a very insidious game of "telephone" has occurred within your psyche, so much so that the original template of consciousness from which the thought-form was manifested in the first place, is no longer obvious.




Accidental Shapeshifter Day 84 post... I swear they're just happening aut0magically now 

Jan 04, 2020


Thinking that someone else knows how to do life and business better than you do is an excellent way to create your life and business as an uninspired carbon copy of what already exists.


That's not what you came here to do.


You came here to realize never-before-dreamt-of potentials and possibilities. You came here to innovate and dream awake creation like the totally unique individuated god that you are.


Don't you know that YOU are the one-of-a-kind, totally worthless *yet* completely PRICELESS art piece that is the conjurer of the millions + the billions?


Anything other than your own authentic innovative life and business will procure you only a decent to average to mediocre experience.


If that's what you're into, no judgment...


but what I'm super fucking excited about is being surrounded by and supporting those who dare travel a path of trusting in themselves above all else, and dreaming awake enchanted empires of dream art.



Shapeshifter Day 83 - the master of space & time

Jan 03, 2020
Today for lunch, I went to one of my fave vegetarian spots here in Bali called Shady Shack; I was craving their nachos something fierce.
I love their food, but I don't always love their seating situation... some of their tables are just awkward, I don't really know any other way to describe it really.
So I got sat at an awkward table, it was the only one available even though I would have preferred to sit at the counter with open-air windows, which I had requested and which was also packed.
I kept scoping out the situation, almost frantic like because I reeeaaaally wanted to sit up there and it didn't appear that anyone was moving anytime in the near future...
I was like damn.
and then it dawned on me, wait a minute! I am the master of space and time, I WILL sit at the counter even though it doesn't look as if it will be possible.
I then chilled the fuck out, and mere moments later,...

Shapeshifter Day 82 - the problem with gratitude

Jan 02, 2020
Did you know that it's actually way easier to be grateful for what you have when you're acknowledging what you want next and allowing yourself to believe that you can have it?
I know that the attitude of gratitude is preached far and wide, I too have been a minister of that message, but as I understand energetics more and more and call upon my deep inherent awareness of the mechanics and science of magic, it has become clear to me that if you find yourself really struggling to be grateful for what you have... it's not a state of being to judge or make yourself wrong for but instead is an opportunity to get really curious about what's at play that's blocking your flow of appreciation.
Gratitude, honestly, is a really natural state of being when you're in alignment with your true power and divine nature. It comes easily and it's not something you have to force or put on a to-do list and in fact, if you are having to force it and if it's not coming...

Shapeshifter Day 81 - the source of your suffering

Jan 01, 2020


It’s not your circumstances that are causing you pain and suffering...

It’s the lies you’re telling regarding what your circumstances “mean about you” that’s causing your agony.

Anytime you get triggered by a circumstance - meaning annoyed, frustrated, irritated, angry, sad, etc... you can be certain you’re in the presence of an untrue story you’ve been telling.


The gift in identifying the lead of a lie is that it can easily be alchemized into the gold of divine truth. 


The thing is...

the trigger is never the cause of the story, but actually a bi-product of a story you've buried so deep within your subconscious, that you're probably not even aware you're telling it.



Therefore, the only way you can actually even transmute your lies into truth is to be aware of when you become triggered and then be willing to investigate curiously with the intention of getting to the bottom of it & telling the...


Shapeshifter Day 80 - killing your creations

Dec 31, 2019

To be the truly powerful magician and shapeshifter you really are, you have to be willing to create something and then burn it to the ground -the moment- and not a second later, that you get the impulse to do so.

the whole magical concept of shapeshifting is to master reinvention, which requires that you have the ability to navigate change swiftly, gracefully and with precision

if you cling to what's already been created, you lock yourself into the imagination of space and time and you relegate yourself to incremental transformation.

if you remove all the meanings from your creations and allow yourself to burn them to the ground when called to do so, you activate your ability to collapse time and quantum leap

the quantum leaper is your divine self and is not concerned with longevity or getting anything from its creations... it created for the delight of creating, nothing more nothing less.

and when you can create from that space, you become downright magical.

most likely, if...


Shapeshifter Day 79 - death of the human

Dec 30, 2019
My human is dying
I'm getting what I've been asking for
My human consciousness is burning itself alive - cannibalizing itself - and I must let it happen if true liberation is what I really desire.
If I let the process play out,
it will be the source of its very own destruction.
...and I must.
I must sit still in the fires of my own alchemy as they burn away all that I once thought I was and all that I once identified so thoroughly with.
Yet there are parts of me that want to resist the process
there are parts of me that want to hold it all intact
small + limited, yet recognizable and safe
There is a voice inside my head as I type these words that tell me to just keep pretending to be a human and to keep dumbing myself down...
because "I'll be better received that way",
because "I'll make more money that way"
because the others will never be interested in...

Shapeshifter Day 78 - priorities

Dec 29, 2019
You always get more of whatever you prioritize.
If you prioritize reacting + putting out fires,
you'll get more to react to and more fires to put out.
...but, if you prioritize dreaming awake your highest desires
on your inner landscape, you'll get more creation inspiration
& lush green pastures to frolic on.
If you prioritize your struggles,
you'll get more circumstances to struggle with.
...but, if you prioritize well-being & inner peace,
you'll get more circumstantial ease.
If you prioritize your lack and your debt,
you'll have a never-ending pile of debt to deal with
and your ends will always just meet.
...but if you prioritize cultivating inner wealth
& a generative relationship with money,
you'll have an overflow from which to pay your debts
and fund your desired lifestyle.
If you prioritize surviving,
you'll gain more...

Shapeshifter Day 77 - trust yourself above all else

Dec 28, 2019
You cannot look to your outer world
and find your truth there.
The only thing you can find there
is evidence of your past paradigms.
You cannot innovate something new,
with that old crusty information.
If ever you feel confused,
you can be certain that you're not trusting
what you know deep within.
You're a fucking infinite being.
How could you not know what's best for you?
You're a god made manifest.
How could you not know
the fastest, easiest path
to your next destination?
You have access to
the greatest vantage points available,
right within you.
You are the light and the way.
Looking outside for your answers
is one of the fastest ways to lose yourself.
I know this all too well,
and I'm sure you do too.
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