Stop settling for less and say Yes to the life you really want. 

In a world where the vast majority of humans settle for way less than they truly desire, it takes some serious balls  to dream big and claim what you want.

In a world that tries to convince you of it's objective reality, it takes tenacity to believe in a reality that lives in your heart, which you can't yet see with your physical eyes. 

In a world that wants to tell who you are and what you can have, it takes some serious courage to say yes to your desires, activate your power of self-authorization and claim the throne of your divine empire. 

Let's face it, if you want to have the life you truly desire you're gonna have to be willing to get Bold AF and appoint yourself as the one with the power to create it all.

You're gonna have to trust yourself as the primary authority of your holy land, and you're going to have to shamelessly activate your power of command. 

I've noticed that most of my clients come to me struggling to gain confidence in their creatorship, lacking trust in thier internal authority, and are quite simply afraid to be the cosmic powerhouse they know deep down in their soul they're here to be. 

Not only have I used the Unlock Your Fuck Yes Life teaching to help empower & enlighten my clients, but it's also what I used to turn my own life around completely from a reality of addiction, poverty, co-dependency, depression and struggle... to a life of power, peace and prosperity. 

Hey, I'm Chandra Nicole... 

and I'm certifiably crazy about uncovering the truiest, sexiest, juiciest, highest freedom available to us humans. 

I'm consistently inconsistent in most every way, except for this unexplainable lifelong devotion to ultimate liberation. 

I'm a master at dismantling the limitations of your human consciousness, and serve as a catalyst for the activation of your "wHoly Human" which is the fully lucid, divine magician of space & time, you came here to be. 

you'll get instant access to 15+ hours of digital content including:



Create Space for Your Fuck YES life & Neutralize Fuck No's


Step Boldly Into Your Authentic Power & Claim What You Want NOW


 Practicing 1001% Choice & Making Friends with Fear


Momentus Power of Saying YES to your Soul & Surrendering the Details


Mastering the Manifestation Paradox & Summoning Your Future Self


Imagination & Faith in Action 



Take a deep dive into the content of each module 


Vacation is a State of Mind -
how to sustainably create a life of freedom, fulfillment & fun.

Fuck This Shit -
What to do, when you just can't settle for less another second  


Being a part of this program, has strengthened my confidence, my clarity, and my Inner strength in my own personal Journey of what it means to truly say yes to my desires.

I cannot recommend this program enough if you're wanting to go deeper & have more guided assistance in creating the life you really want.

Natalya Vorona  ~ Humbolt, CA 

I've been watching Chandra from afar for several years now and when I heard about this program, I knew it was time time to go one step further & join.

Immediately I saw the effects - I was able manifest more money & positive feelings about my difficulties.

Chandra's trainings were so thought provoking that a simple word or sentence could spark an awakening & have me seeing things from a different perspective in a matter of minutes.

I can definitely recommend this program or any program that Chandra has created with her magical mind!

Alicia Griffin ~ Graham, TX 

This program was really amazing!

Chandra knows exactly how to motivate you to take your next steps towards whatever you want to manifest in life.  

And it was not only serious talking and listening, we had lots of laughs as well! 

Chandra helps you to see the bigger picture, makes sure you're not believing the old things any longer so you start believing something new that fits with your current desires.

Blanche van de Stolpe ~
The Netherlands 


Stop Settling for Less, and say Yes to life you really want







I really love that this program is based in principles of quantum physics & science; as opposed to just personal beliefs, opinions, and new age speak

Chandra understands these principles & knows how to convey ways of using them in practical down-to-earth ways. She embodies what she teaches & shows up in a very real, fearless, and honest way. 

I’m so glad I invested in myself. It is well worth it & I’d do it again in a New York Minute. 

Angelique Singer ~ Denver, CO 

Chandra really shines when she shares her own stories of bewilderment & breakthrough.

She's been through the cosmic washing machine enough times to be a guiding light to others who are ready to re-landscape their lives. She mentors with both wisdom & heart and I really appreciate the lens of her experience.

I like the way her mind works, the quantum connections she makes, and the nuances of her perspective that suddenly catalyse more clarity in me.

Riffing off Chandra has helped me Self-Source at my next level, especially with regards to “love” and “money” for which I am so appreciative. 

Giselle Jennaway ~ 
Kangaroo Island, Australia 



Stop Settling for Less, and say Yes to life you really want







" The information in Chandra's Programs are delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb.  The structure was clear, logical and effective.

All Chandra wants is for everyone to live their best  life. Period.

I was hesitant at first, not really knowing much about Chandra, yet will tell you this: Do not hesitate on joining this course, the value she delivers will surpass any doubts or the cost of the course. 

She truly is mastering her craft and in return just wants her students to become the best Masters at their own craft/life.   

If you honestly put the work into this program, you will finish it a totally  different person.

Dyan V Taylor Toronto, Ontario, Canada  

"This program changed the way I see myself, how I see others, and how I want to see the world. And above all UYFYL will give you the feeling that you can be, do or have anything you want, I loved it! Thank you! "

Blanche van de Stolpe
the Netherlands

"The way Chandra channels divine information is so damn powerful, effortless & extremely inspiring. I am always in awe every time I listen to her speak. She is definitely my spirit animal! Hahahaha "

Natalya Vorona
Humbolt, CA

"What I love most about Chandra is that she lives her message & is living breathing proof of the truth she speaks. Her example has been an invaluable part of my journey back from the edge of depression. "

Calla Payne
Santa Barbara, CA

"In Unlock Your Fuck YES Life, I  shone the light of truth on my most tenacious limiting stories & following my YES - took bold, inspired, and yet EASY action towards making my lose-lose a win-win. What comes next feels like a delicious unfolding I can keep relaxing and expanding into. "

Giselle Jennaway
Kangaroo Island, Australia

"Working with Chandra in UYFYL was a wonderful experience! I’ve healed old stories & judgments about who I think am and as a result; I’m more empowered and I’ve had major shifts in my ability to show up for myself, as well as receive the abundance I’ve been dreaming of in all areas of my life. Things are happening much more effortlessly & quickly for me now than ever before "

Angelique Singer
Denver, CO

"Absolutely loved the UYFYL programme! It really drove home the importance of feeling the feelings I'm wishing to feel now (self sourcing) which will then manifest in my external world. Every programme I do with Chandra I understand the concepts she teaches even deeper than before. She's an awesome tutor and I highly recommend her. "

Holly Doyle
Costa del Sol, Marbella, Spain

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