A mobile suite of resources designed to help you master the magic of self-reinvention, navigate change with ease, and dream awake wild new possibilities for your life.


Seven Modules + a bonus resource section on the fundamentals of Shapeshifting, which include simple steps & processes to begin implementing straight away


Brand new 7-day digital workshop every month on the topics most relevant to you, with the purpose of diving deeper into the core Shapeshifter principles


A mix of audio & video transmissions uploaded into the membership portal at least twice monthly, in response to the communities most frequently asked workshop questions. 

Chandra Nicole will send short insight messages directly to your mobile phone on most days of the week to encourage, inspire & uplift you.

Inside the membership platform you will have access to the support portal, where you can leave brief audio messages for Chandra Nicole with your questions, inquiries & requests.

"Through mentoring with Chandra Nicole, I have transformed into the bad-ass version of the woman I always knew myself deep down to be. With her charismatic nature & witty banter, she gently guided me towards remembering who I really was. My life is so much richer for having dived into the magical world that she resides in. "

Mena Ayee

" I was hesitant to enroll in Chandra's program at first, not really knowing much about her, yet will tell you this; Do not hesitate on joining her now, the value she delivers will surpass any doubts or the cost of the program. She truly is mastering her craft and in return just wants her students to become the Masters of their own craft/life. If you honestly put the work into Chandra’s Programs, you will finish a totally different person."

Dyan Taylor

"Chandra helped me to understand that I was not my Cancer diagnosis nor the depression that I found myself in. I was able to leave both as just a story in my past & create a new life full of adventures She reminds me of my greatness and when I'm in her presence I feel limitless and full of amazing grace. "

Alisha Joy

"What I love most about Chandra is that she lives her message & is living breathing proof of the truth she speaks. Her message has been an invaluable part of my journey back from the edge of depression. "

Calla Payne

"Through working with Chandra I was able to transcend old stories and judgements about who I think I am and as a result, I'm more empowered, able to show up for myself fully, and receive the abundance I've been dreaming of in all areas of my life. Things are happening much more effortlessly & quickly for me now, than ever before. "

Angelique Singer

"By implementing the teachings from Chandra's courses, I was able to more than double my income to make six figures for the first time ever. I also moved into my dream home in the country after being "stuck in the past" at my old one for over a decade! "

Leslee Serdar

"To be in the presence of Chandra Nicole is a game changer for sure! I've stopped trying to keep track of the shifts I experience when working with her, because they are constant. "

Regina Breech

"I've worked with other life coaches that have brought so much insight, but Chandra pushed the box further than I knew possible. What she taught me was SO SIMPLE it tooks days to sink in. It was an eye opener as to how much we complicate things with our minds. Thank you chandra, for opening yet another ream of awakening. "

Amanda Lynn

"Chandra’s programs have helped me to recognize that I can choose and create a fulfilling life despite the baggage, history, traumas, current experiences, toxic people, etc... and take ownership and responsibility for how I choose to move forward. She helped guide me past my fears & bullshit, so that I can yes to the life that I really want. "

Katherine Freitag

"Thank you, Chandra Nicole for the ride to enlightenment! You picked me up off the side of the road, in the most beautiful vehicle, took me to my destination, and dropped me off. Like a blissful taxi you transport people to their destiny! Crystal clear windows, soft comfy seats, the most luxurious ride. Eternally grateful for the cosmic connection, the transportation to my emancipation. It all totally clicks! Every single bit of it, the "secrets to life", it was my experience through you that brought me such clarity! "

Amber Boyce


Daily Devotion to the Mastery of Self Reinvention, Navigating change & Dreaming awake ever-expanding realities, with ease.


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