Dream Awake Personal, Romantic & Financial Sovereignty


I'm consistently inconsistent in almost every way, except for one… an inexplicable devotion to ultimate liberation, which I’ve been loyal to my entire life. 

Over the years, I’ve become masterful at dismantling the limitations of the human consciousness, that impede the realization of our highest freedoms & potentials.

I’ve supported thousands of people in reimagining their lives through my private mentoring, digital programs, and online publications.

My specialty is invoking lucid liberation in the waking dream we call life; through alchemy of the psyche, reclamation of the whole self, and by working directly with the raw energies of pleasure & desire. 

I help my clients dream awake personal, romantic & financial sovereignty; the byproduct of which is real-world tangible outcomes, as well as wildly fulfilling relationships with your Self and others.

If you feel called to work intimately with me, you'll need to Schedule an Initial Lucidity Session. To learn more & schedule - click here


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